Website Season: a special discount for you to create a powerful logistics website like ours!

Having a strong online presence is something that every logistics professional should consider in order to stand out from competitors in the market. And there is no better way of achieving this than developing an attractive logistics website to create even more engagement between your brand and prospects.

Aiming to keep our business updated with the market trends, we have recently developed a completely new website for LoGo – Logistics Marketing. After conducting a market research and defining all the information we would like to share, our page is already up and running! Today you will see the results and also get the chance to create an incredible logistics website for your business too!


LoGo’s previous website

LoGo – Logistics Marketing’s previous page was created two years ago and in spite of its simple and modern layout, the page wasn’t effective to present our company as we would like. It was a one-page website, which basically summed up all the important information on the homepage and didn’t give details about our services.

Our online portfolio wasn’t being updated since there wasn’t enough space to exhibit all the projects developed by LoGo. Our website wasn’t generating engagement with prospects: it didn’t have a chat plugin for us to help the visitors, not even a quotation form. Take a look at how it was like:

Logistics website - LoGo 2015



LoGo’s new website

With the intent of making our website look more intuitive and informative, we have created a new visual identity, which is cleaner and aligned with our brand’s personality. LoGo’s new page is more attractive and completely focused on the user experience.

In the new website, it’s possible to see more details about the services provided by Logo and about the projects developed for our clients. Therefore, the visitors can easily find the information they need, as well as quickly request a quote or contact our team.

Logistics Website - LoGo 2017

With this strategy, LoGo has tripled its website traffic. We are also receiving four times more quotation requests, what proves the efficiency of our new website!

We are really happy with the performance of LoGo’s new page, and to celebrate it, we decided to launch the Website Season! Therefore, you will get the chance to improve your logistics website as we did.


Website Season: your chance to create a powerful logistics website

During the Website Season, LoGo will offer 20% discount for you to create a new logistics website and power up your online presence! Our marketing team is specialized in logistics market so we are ready to develop a page that really works for this Industry.

Get your discount coupon, create a powerful page for your logistics company and get more business opportunities!

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