5 ways to highlight your differentials in the logistics market

Standing out from competitors can be a hard task. Specially in a market with a wide range of companies offering the same services. This is why focusing in your differentials is key. If you highlight your differentials to the public, you will give them a better idea of the benefits of hiring your services. Therefore, they will be more likely to create a relationship with your company and engage with your brand.

Although most logistics professionals are aware of the importance of highlighting their differentials, they usually don’t know how to do so effectively. Therefore, this post intends to show you some ways to feature your company to prospects in a positive and impacting way. By following these tips, you will most likely have an outstanding performance in the logistics market. Check it out!


How to highlight your logistics company differentials

highlight your differentials1. Effective online strategy

The internet is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your company to the target audience. It gives you unlimited possibilities to reach your public and let expand the visibility you have in the market. By having a strong online presence, on both social media and your own website, you will be making your differentials more accessible to your prospects. They will be able to easily find you and understand what you provide and why to choose you over competitors.

For these reasons, invest in building an informative and user-friendly website, which is entirely based on your differentials. Besides, work on the development of a powerful social media strategy. By doing this, you’ll have an amazing tool of constantly reminding your public about what distinguishes you from other businesses.


highlight your differentials2. Attractive marketing materials

Apart from having a strong online presence, it is also important to invest in other marketing materials. Although you might think what you currently have is enough, updating these materials will definitely make your brand stronger. Think about all the things that compose your brand: logo, corporate presentation, brochure, stationery. Are they coherent to the current market demands? Could your company’s visual identity be improved and pass a better message to the public?

If you think so, it is time to hire a marketing agency with special expertise in the logistics segment, such as LoGo- Logistics Marketing, to design or redesign these materials for you. By doing this, you will be able to better represent what you stand for as a company to your prospects. In other words, all of your corporate materials will reflect your logistics business’ values and highlight its differentials. Consequently, you will have one more way of standing out from competitors!


highlight your differentials3. Personalized Customer Service

Investing in online and offline materials is extremely relevant to promote your business, expand its visibility and attract more prospects. However, when it comes to converting a prospect into a customer, there is nothing more effective than providing high-quality customer service. More than showing your differentials through the internet or any marketing material, it is important to give your customers real proof that you really offer what you are trying to sell.

Therefore, train your commercial team to offer the most personalized service they can with the public. Encourage them to develop a close relationship with each prospect. Hear about their needs and expectations and make it clear to them about how your company can solve their issues and help them get where they wish.


highlight your differentials4. Promoting Special Campaigns

Another smart way to highlight your differentials to prospects is to come up with special campaigns. Actions like supporting social causes and organizations, offering special prices for long-term customers, promoting workshops and events are good examples. This can help your company to create a good image towards the public, be a role model for other companies in the segment and even appear on the media.

It will also help you to position yourself as an expert in the market. Besides, it can encourage customers to be loyal to your brand and develop a long-term relationship with you!


highlight your differentials5. Sponsoring Events

By sponsoring events, you will make your company visible to many others in the segment. Especially in logistics, where business happens b2b, this is extremely useful. This happens because by being a sponsor you will be able to develop relationships with prospects, let them know how you can help them and aggregate value to their business.

Apart from that, events are a great opportunity for you to present you company through your marketing materials. You can hand out your brochure, a corporate presentation or even gifts that were exclusively designed to promote your business at the event. All of this will help the public to keep your company in mind and learn about your differentials.

Now that you know what you can do to make sure your prospects know about what differentials you can provide them, it is time to take action! Start by thinking what could be improved on your online marketing campaign and offline marketing materials!

At LoGo, our professionals have all the expertise to assist you on building a powerful strategy to highlight your differentials to the public in any way you wish. Contact us for more information! You can also click here to learn more about our marketing solutions for the logistics business!

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