How to promote your logistics business on the internet

Most logistics professionals acknowledge the importance of having some kind of online presence, such as a website or social media pages. However, not all of them have strong strategies to effectively promote a logistics business on the web. Oftentimes, they are still not sure about what they should invest or how they must act in order to encourage internet users to engage with their company.

This post intends to give you some specialized advice on how to promote your business online and to attract profitable prospects through your company’s pages.


The first step to promote a logistics business online

promote-a-logistics-website_step 1 (1)Invest in a good website

Your website will be the biggest representation of your business online. It is where you can show more about your company, differentials and convince people to hire your services. Therefore, it should always create a positive impression on each and every visitor that comes across it – whether they are your customers, someone that already knows your business but want to learn more about it, or people that have never heard of your company but are in need of a service you provide and found you through a search engine.

Therefore, it is important to invest in a website that is attractive, user-friendly and coherent to your business’s brand identity. Besides having a modern and intuitive layout, your website should also have optimized texts, which are able to pass the message that you want your audience to get from your business and convince them that you have the ideal solution to solve their needs.


promote-a-logistics-website_step 1 (2)Don’t forget to submit your URL to search engines

If you haven’t done that yet, another important thing is to register your logistics business on the most common search engines’ online directories, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. All you have to do is fill up a form and let they acknowledge your existence and some particularities of your company, like where is your office and what your area of expertise is. By listing your business in these directories, it will start showing up in certain search results – particularly if someone is looking for a local business.


Where else your logistics company should be?

Besides investing in the development of a good website, you should also embrace social media. Some people like to look for businesses on social media even more than they do it on search engines. Check out the platforms you should consider being present on:


promote-a-logistics-website_step 2 (1)LinkedIn

This is the most professional social media platform from all, used by professionals in the most diverse segments globally to create business connections and engage with people that share the same interests.  Considering the logistics market is more traditional, having a profile on LinkedIn is a smart way of showing that your company is serious and professional.


promote-a-logistics-website_step 2 (2)Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media platform, and where your logistics business will have more chances of expanding its visibility to a global level. Therefore, using Facebook is an amazing strategy of promoting your business online. With an effective marketing campaign, where you constantly make interesting posts to engage with your audience, you will get more people to like your page and interact with your business.


promote-a-logistics-website_step 2 (3)Twitter

Twitter is the most dynamic online platform, but also the less common in the logistics segment. If your company wants to have a direct form of communication with the audience, it might be a good idea to invest on this platform and show that your team cares about constantly updating clients and prospects about the company news and everything that is interesting in the market. If you have a good strategy, this will definitely contribute to promoting your business online!


And to boost your online visibility…

You might wonder, besides having a strong online presence, what can you do to increase the visibility you have on the web? Here are some things you can do:


promote-a-logistics-website_step 3 (1)Invest in paid ads

Investing in texts or banners ads on search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. – is really effective since they are displayed for people who are looking for a particular service and therefore already demonstrates a purchase intention. At the same way, social advertising, as Facebook and LinkedIn ads, will make yourself visible to a wider audience and generate more leads to your company.


promote-a-logistics-website_step 3 (2)Send email marketing

Email marketing still shows to be a very effective way to reach out prospects (check this post to learn more), partners, and clients in a more direct way. Logisticians are constantly trying to connect with people overseas through the web, so there is no better plan than having a good mailing list and sending out some strategic emails. With an interesting subject, a well-build message and a powerful call-to-action, you can easily lead many contacts to your website.


promote-a-logistics-website_step 3 (3)Engage with people online

You can do that by establishing direct means of communication between you and your online audience. Some good example is by having an online chat on your website, where every visitor can get in touch with your team straight from there. Being active on social media and answering to every comment and message you get, and posting interesting content on your blog are also great strategies!


Now that you know more about some simple ways to promote your logistics company online, it is time to start putting them into practice! You can start with the first step mentioned: having a great logistics website!

Download the Logo’s checklist below and follow all the simple steps to create a website for your logistics business today!

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