How LoGo can help boost your logistics business online

In the current scenario, having a powerful digital strategy is one of the most effective ways to stand out from competitors. This happens because most of the visibility your company can get is online. In other words, it is through the internet that prospects and partners will find you and come accross your logistics business.

If you are wondering how to improve your company’s online presence, we have the answer for you. LoGo- Logistics Marketing is an agency that builds digital marketing solutions for logistics businesses worldwide. Through our solutions, we guarantee brand strength and business generation for our clients.

There are several reasons why LoGo is the ideal choice to help boost your logistics business on the web. On this post, you will learn a bit more about this and see the differentials that make us the most cost effective marketing solution for your company’s digital strategy.


Why doing your online strategy with LoGo?


  • We know about your business

LoGo is an agency entirely focused in one and only segment: the logistics market. This is probably our major differential when compared to other marketing agencies. We concentrate all of our activities in developing marketing solutions to logistics companies worldwide.

Therefore, we have an accurate know-how of the market you operate and all the services you provide. And we know that, when it comes to building effective digital strategies, having this expertise is essential. This is how your company will be able to pass the message you wish to the public and establish good communication with them. Therefore, by working with LoGo, you will have a head start! Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we already know what you do as far as services, as well as what are the best strategies to reach your target audience and boost your sales.

  • Our team has over 15 years of experience

Besides of our expertise, another differential is our wide experience in the market. Our team has a combined experience of over 15 years in marketing and logistics This means that, apart from having professionals who have worked in freight forwarding and logistics multinationals, our team also counts with marketing specialists, copywriters, designers, software developers, and all the professionals necessary to develop you an amazing digital strategy.



  • We are ready to develop customized strategies

Even when operating in the same segment, we are aware that each logistics business has its own particularities and specifications. These characteristics are what make them all unique. In order to stand out in the logistics market, your marketing campaign should focus on the differentials of a company. This is why, at LoGo, we provide our clients with customized assistance. Our team will hear about your goals and difficulties, and develop a digital strategy that completely fits your purposes and necessities and sets you apart from competition.


  • We attend customers worldwide

Logistics companies usually have a global reach of services, and so do we. LoGo has an extense portfolio of marketing solutions, including clients in all the continents and from over 25 countries. This worldwide focus allows us to know the best ways to promote logistics businesses from different regions in the globe, in order to develop the most powerful digital strategy for you according to your area. At LoGo, we are ready to build websites and conduct social media campaigns in a number of languages, including english, spanish and portuguese!


How do we boost your logistics business online?


At LoGo, we create a personalized online strategy for each client – based on the specific goals they wish to reach in the logistics market. This strategy can involve different actions, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram posts, paid advertising (Facebook Ads or Google Adwords) and Content Marketing.

Besides taking care of all the planning and executing of your company’s online actions, our team is also in charge of measuring the results. To achieve the best outcome possible, we use several tools, as you can see below:


Planning tools: SEMRush, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, KWfinder and Search Console.

Posts Scheduling tools: MLabs, Postcron.

Tools for Mensurement of Results: Analytics, Hotjar, data and metrics made available by Facebook Insights, RD Station, Scup and LinkedIn.

E-mail sending tools: SharpSpring and Egoi.


Take a look at the results of the online campaign we developed for Maxitrans!

One example of a successful online strategy created by LoGo is the one we developed for our client Maxitrans, from Brazil. The company hired our social media solution and has been getting incredible results ever since!

Just so you have an idea, check out the results we helped Maxitrans achieve in only 8 months! This analysis was made comparing the same period (May to December) between the years 2016 and 2017.


  • + 284% organic reach
  • + 509% engagement
  • Increase of 18% in number of likes


These are just some of the several reasons why LoGo – Logistics Marketing is the best choice to boost your logistics business on the web! If you wish to build a powerful and coherent online strategy, let us help you! We guarantee you will see the result in sales generation and business exchange!



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