5 reasons to create your website with someone that understands the Logistics Market

Regardless of whether you are launching a logistics company or whether you want to renew your current page, we know that getting a new page for your business requires a lot of consideration. If you are in need of a logistics website, you want to make sure that your investment into developing one will worth it and the result will overcome your best expectations.

In other words, every logistics professional that decides to step forward and get a new page hopes that it will positively contribute for their company to expand its visibility, impress its customers and convince its prospects that they provide the best logistics solutions available in the market. However, there are a few things to think about in order to achieve this.

First of all, do you know exactly how your logistics website should be in order to have a successful performance? Most logisticians don’t. Even when they know everything about logistics, they are not sure about what is the best way to condense all their knowledge into a website in the right way. This happens because:


Building a good website requires special knowledge in marketing & the logistics market

That’s right. Developing a professional logistics website depends on the combination of forces between marketing and logistics knowledge. Only a team that has expertise in these two areas will be able to develop a website that speaks well to the logistics segment and at the same time counts with powerful communication strategies to promote your business.

This is where LoGo – Logistics Marketing can help you. We offer our clients the benefit of not having to worry about explaining logistics terms, trends and other peculiarities of this market. At the same time, our team knows what marketing tools work for the logistics sector. Here are some reasons why LoGo’s site service might be better than the one offered by standard agencies:


1. We have a market background

logistics-website (1)We count with a team that has over 10 years of experience working in the logistics segment. And there is nothing like having a background in the logistics market to know exactly what the target audience expects to find when looking for a logistics company to hire.

Therefore, part of our strategy when building your website is to customize it in a way that completely corresponds to your prospects’ expectations and provides them with the best experience possible when browsing on your page.



2. We know the logistics terms

logistics-website (2)Our team’s deep experience in the most diverse logistics segments, such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation and several other areas allow us to know the specific terms that are commonly used in the logistics market.

Knowing these terms will save you from having to explain us about the services that you provide and what each one of them consists on. Our team not only knows the meanings of each term, we also know how to effectively apply them to your website.


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3. We help our clients to identify and highlight their differentials

logistics-website (3)By working in close contact with logistics professionals of all kinds, our team is ready to help you identify what are your company’s strengths and differentials. From there, we are able to come up with a strategy that makes these attributes as visible as they can be on your website, so every person that visits it will be aware of your company’s best qualities.



4. We know the most assertive tools to add in a logistics website

site-de-logística (5)Good logistics websites have specific tools that will help to make the user experience more complete and fully attend their needs. Some examples of these tools are online chat, request a quote form and track and trace a cargo.

At LoGo- Logistics Marketing, we will define the essential tools your website should have in order to make it a useful platform for its visitors, and add them to it with an attractive layout and in a way that catches the user’s attention.



5. We have a team specialized in creating content

logistics-website (4)LoGo’s website development process combines the work of a team of designers, copywriters, marketing & logistics specialists and software developers. Besides being in charge of the entire creation process, which consists of choosing a layout, customizing a structure and programming your entire website, we can also be in charge of creating your website’s entire content in a clear and informative way.



The process of creating a logistics website with LoGo consists of the following steps:

logistics-website (6)



  1. Project approval:
    You will authorize us to start the project.
  2. Filling up the briefing:
    We will send you a quick briefing asking about your business goals, preferences and main information about your company. You fill it up and send it back to us.
  3. Defining website’s structure:
    Based on your business’ goals and our market expertise, we will define the ideal structure of your website.
  4. Creation of design and content:
    At this stage, our team of designers will create your website’s layout and our team of copywriters will be in charge of producing all the content.
  5. Technical development:
    With layout and content ready, our team of technical developers will program the website and publish it on a testing link.
  6. Prototype approval:
    You will receive the testing link where your website will already be 100% functional, so you can easily evaluate it, test it and request any changes.
  7. Publication:
    Once we have your approval, we will put your website on the air in your official domain and you will be ready to see it generate results.


Now that you know more about the advantages of getting your website developed with LoGo – Logistics Marketing, it is time to start thinking about the creation of your new page! We are ready to make you a powerful logistics website, which will expand your company’s reach and boost your sales!

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