LoGo Specials: Levonz Presentation


A digital presentation is considered one of the most important materials used by logistics companies to promote themselves. They are a very common way of reaching out to your target audience and showing more about the history of your company, as well as the differentials and services you provide.

Companies with digital presentations that are modern, visual attractive and informative, have more chances of impressing their prospects and turning them into customers. This was the objective of Levonz, our client from Brazil, when they decided to hire LoGo’s service.


Our strategy for Levonz presentation

In order to fullfill Levonz expectations we have centered our creation process around highlighting the main attributes of the company in an impacting way. We did that by focusing the entire material on their major strenghts: safety, technology, ponctuality, expertise and flexibility.

This way, more than an institutional presentation, Levonz now has an intelligent way of letting the public know about all the benefits they will have from hiring their services. All of this, complemented with a great design, will bring way more credibility to the company!


Get a digital presentation created by LoGo, specially for your logistics company! As part of our service, our team of designers, copywriters and marketing specialists will develop a totally innovative and personalized strategy for you, according to your business’ specific goals and characteristics.


You can also talk to our team in case you want more information about our logistics marketing solutions!

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