LoGo Specials: Primo’s logo

Your business’ logo is its main representation in the logistics market. In other words, whenever people come accross your company, your logotype is the first thing they will notice. And the quality of it can define whether your brand will be memorable for the public or not.

logoFor today’s edition of our Specials, we will show you the logotype that we have developed for Primo Log. The company  felt like their logo was outdated and unattractive. Therefore, they wanted to completely renew it, making it more modern and coherent to the current situation of their business.

Thinking about this, Primo Log hired our branding service and requested a logo that could make their brand stronger and appealing. Below you can see how amazing the project turned out to be!


Our project for Primo’s logo

Our team of marketing specialists and designers developed a logo that was able to englobe all of Primo’s concepts in it. The company’s name “Primo” means “first” in italian. Therefore, their representatives wanted the brand to focus on the idea of the company being the #1 option in logistics. Besides, they also wanted their brand to be modern and transmit the message that Primo is a complete logistics provider, with global reach.

The new logo emphasizes the idea of being number 1, at the same time it also focus on the fact that the company provides global and all-around solutions through the arrow that goes around the number.

Below you can compare their old logotype with the one we created for the company!




Did you like the result? It gave Primo Log a more professional look and helped them to strength their presence in the market and make their brand more coherent and attractive in all their corporate materials!

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