Managing your logistics company’s online pages

On previous posts, we’ve already talked about the importance of having a good online presence to expand your logistics company’s visibility and strenghten your brand in the market. However, even more importantly than being present on the internet is knowing how to correctly manage your online pages and profiles.

Some people tend to think that once their website is ready, their work is done. Or that as long as they have already created social media profiles, they no longer have to worry about them. But with online marketing, it doesn’t work like this. The more you are active, posting and updating your content, the more visibility your business will get.

Thinking about this, on this post we will give you some insights on how to manage your online pages effectively. If you follow these tips properly, your logistics company will reach amazing results with its digital campaign! Check it out!


Managing your logistics company’s online pages

As you know, the internet provides several different platforms for your company to take advantage of. The most common of them, for promotion and institutional purposes, are your website and social media profiles. Although all of them need constant updating, each page requires different planning and managing skills.

Therefore, check out what you should do to manage each of your company’s pages and profiles and have a successful and impacting digital performance!


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Despite the popularity of social media for promotional purposes, your website is still the main representation of your company online. This fact is even more accurate when we are specifically talking about the logistics market, as professionals in this area can be more traditional than the ones in other sectors. It is through your website that prospects will most likely come accross your brand; therefore, it should be impressive. This post will tell you how to create a stunning website!

Having said all of this, don’t think your work is over once you publish your website. In order for you to show all visitors that your company is active and operating, you will need to constantly update it. Blog posts, news, you name it. Make sure people that haven’t visited it in a long time will find something new and that attracts them when they decide to visit your page again. After all, there is nothing worse than the feeling you get by visiting a website that feels like it was abandoned – people can even question whether your company is still operating or not.

And don’t forget, since the majority of users find your website through search engines like Google, investing in Google Adwords is another great way to increase the traffic of users on your page and attract qualified leads!


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Facebook is the most popular social media outlet and an amazing tool of advertising. People are more and more starting to use Facebook to search for services or products to buy. And this makes being present on Facebook a must. If your company still doesn’t have a Facebook profile, take action as soon as possible and create one. It is simple, free and will definitely help you to reach a wider audience than you do now.

However, if you do have a Facebook account, think about your performance in it. Are you as active as you think you should be? The greatest thing about social media is that people access it on a daily basis, and by posting there, you will be ensuring that your prospects, clients and partners always have your brand in mind. See more about how powerful social media is here!

So use your Facebook account as the powerful tool it is and keep it up and running! Make sure to define a schedule of weekly posts, covering topics that will interest your target audience (market news, company updates, curiosities). Then, combine the subjects with optimized texts and attractive design and voila! You will have a digital campaign that at the same time, keeps you close to your audience and encourages interaction.

Oh, and again, don’t forget about paid advertising! Facebook provides companies with Facebook Ads, a cheap way of expanding your visibility even more and even choosing the public you wish to advertise to.


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Even though Facebook is the most popular social media page for promotional purposes, being on LinkedIn is also essential. LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform. It is through there that companies and professionals worldwide can network,  find partners and join groups of discussion with professionals in their same field. By being present on LinkedIn, you will be able to post content in logistics groups and reach a great amount of professionals. This can be really interesting to promote your company, specially in the logistics market, which is mostly b2b.

Therefore, make sure to create a LinkedIn account for your logistics company! Then, you can start posting content  (market news, articles, company updates, curiosities) that will attract your target audience and encourage them to engage with you. Your LinkedIn account can be similar to Facebook, as their format of posts is basically the same. But make sure to keep them both active and stimulating interaction with the public – maybe even calling them to your website to learn more about you. This will make a lot of difference in prospection of new customers and sales generation!


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As you can see, it is not that hard to manage your online pages and have a strong digital presence! However, it requires time and marketing expertise to do it effectively. This is why so many logistics companies seek for the assistance of specialized marketing agencies. Because they can take care of the entire process for them. LoGo – Logistics Marketing is a marketing agency with a total focus in helping companies in the logistics segment to boost their online and offline presence. We allow our clients to have an amazing performance in the market!

Our professionals are ready to help you to not only create an online strategy for you, but constantly manage it and measure results!

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