Why producing content with LoGo will save your money

As we have talked about in a previous post, outsourcing your company’s content creation should bring you several benefits.  What every logistics company wants to know though is if they will save money by doing so. The answer is YES.

Outsourcing your company’s content creation with a specialized marketing agency like LoGo will be the most cost-effective solution for your business. You might be wondering how having LoGo producing content for you can be cheaper than doing it in-house. This post intends to explain this.


How can you save money by having LoGo producing content for you?

First of all, we are a marketing agency specialized in the logistics market. Our team has a profound knowledge in the segment and full expertise in marketing. This enables us to know exactly what kind of strategies are best to effectively promote your business on the web.

Besides, you will be saving money on your budget due to all the reasons below:


producing content 47No need to hire additional staff

One of the major things that will help you save money is not having to hire anyone else to your team. Most logistics companies don’t have an internal infrastructure capable of handling their usual demands plus the production of content. And having to bring additional help to your team means paying for more full-time employees.

However, by hiring LoGo, you will rely your entire marketing strategy on our team. Besides not having to worry about constantly producing relevant and useful content internally, your team can remain the same size. This means no one will be overwhelmed with several functions inside your company and you will save money by not having to pay extra salaries.


producing content 48Capability of writing more content than your team could handle

Even if you think your team could handle all their tasks and still produce content for your company, working with a specialized agency like LoGo is still more cost-effective. By producing content in-house, you will be restricted to the amount of material your employees are able to handle. If you count with LoGo’s assistance, we will produce content with the frequency you wish.

Therefore, working with LoGo will ensure you the production of more content for a cheaper price. And by having more content published, your chances of attracting leads also increase, which can positively influence your company’s profit.

producing content-CTA



producing content 52Not having to invest in specialized training

Content marketing is not just about having the knowledge to write interesting texts to attract your audience. It involves a complex study of your target audience and what is the best strategy to communicate with them. Besides, it requires that you know all the marketing tactics to make your company gain more visibility online, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analysis of persona and keywords.

If you decide to produce your content in-house, you need to make sure your staff has all this expertise in marketing. In case they don’t have this knowledge, you will have to invest in training them – which can be expensive. Yet, by producing your content with LoGo, you don’t need to worry about this. Our team has all the know-how in both logistics and marketing!


producing content 49Flexibility to increase your demand in specific seasons & projects

You might have a higher demand for content production in some seasons of the year, for specific projects or in prior to some event. For example, you are promoting a logistics event and want to attract a big audience to it. Producing a lot of content that talks about the event could be a good idea to convince your public to participate.

However, if you have a higher demand for content at some points, your team might not be able to handle it. This means you would have to hire temporary workers and increase your budget for marketing during these seasons. At LoGo, we are ready to take any special demand without you needing to worry about anything!

After seeing all these advantages, it is time to think about your company’s content creation. We will help you build a powerful strategy of content marketing and you will definitely save money with it!

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