LoGo Specials: Twig Talk Banners

Twig banner (2)For this edition of LoGo Specials, we will show you the banners we did for the company Twig Logistics Network, our client, and partner in Brazil. Twig is a network for independent freight forwarders, with over 140 members around the world. The company organizes an annual conference, and LoGo had been the main partner on developing all the promotional material Twig needed during the event, as banner, brochure or gitfs.

On previous posts, we have already talked about the gift set we developed for Twig Talk; however, today we will show you the promotional banners we did to be displayed during the conference. Twig needed not only promotional banners of their company but also a special material for their sponsors.

Knowing the importance of the development of creative banners, our team has concentrated all our efforts on making the most attractive ones.

Below you can see Twig’s institutional banners, developed specifically to highlight the company’s differentials and show attendees some important information about the group and what it offers. The modern design combined with optimized texts has really worked to catch the agents’ attention.

Twig banner (1)

For each Twig Talk’s sponsor, we created a simple but also sophisticated banner. The material would be placed next to their tables. Our team was dedicated to following the visual identity of the event as well as the personality of each sponsor.

Twig banner (3)

We hope you have appreciated the banners created for Twig Talk! If you are organizing or pretending to attend a logistics event, think about creating a material like those. Having a promotional banner is a good way to get visibility and promote your company!

Count on us to develop a great material for your business! LoGo is an agency specialized in logistics market and that’s why we know exactly what you need to get noticed during those events. Request a quote now by accessing our website wearelogo.com.

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