RFID Technology: Understand how smart tags work

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, which means the identification using radio waves. This system is different from barcodes because the scan is not done through light but through the codification of radio frequencies. One of its characteristics is that it allows the scanning of moving objects, making it possible to identify products in the middle of their productive process, without the need of interrupting it to scan them.

RFID tags allow the tracking of a product during its whole transportation process, from the moment of fabrication until when it arrives in a distribution center. These tags facilitate the information flow in the supply chain and optimize the entire process, being a revolution when compared to the traditional barcodes that are normally used.

Below you can check some pros and cons of using RFID tags in logistics:

Log Tech-RIFD-07RFID Advantages

  • Capability of storage, scan and sending data
  • Long distance detection of data
  • Tags durability is longer than barcodes
  • Reduction of stocks
  • Instant stock count, facilitating inventory systems
  • Accuracy of storage information
  • High-speed shipping and efficient tracking
  • Process optimization



Log Tech-RIFD-08RFID Disadvantages

  • High cost of RFID technology in comparison to barcode system
  • Metallic materials may compromise the antenna’s transmission range
  • The need of standardizing the frequencies used so the products can be scanned in an uniform way
  • Invasion of consumer privacy because of the monitoring labels affixed to the product




In the near future, all the companies will need to adapt their system and implement the smart tags into their products. In order to stay ahead of the competition, each day it becomes even more important to adopt methods that help to optimize the logistics processes, conducting cost-effective operations and offering the best services available in the market.

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