LoGo was awarded as one of the Top 75 logistics blogs!

Top logistics blogs - badgeLoGo – Logistics Marketing had the pleasure to receive some exciting news this week. According to a poll conducted by the online page Feedspot, our blog has been selected as one of the top logistics blogs available on the web. We are extremely happy with this recognition, which is a result of all the hard work our team puts into providing customers and the public in general with the most interesting content in the logistics market.

Since 2015, the year of LoGo’s creation, our team has been feeding the public with the best of logistics news and contents, aiming to constantly keep them informed with the market updates. Throughout the years, our blog’s audience has increased and we have been having an amazing feedback from the posts, with people saying we help them understand more about the logistics market and the opportunities they have by investing in marketing inside this segment.


Inbound marketing: the reason why we are one of the top logistics blogs

This is a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of investing in inbound marketing for your company to stand out among the many websites on the web. By having interesting and useful content created and posted on your company’s blog and social media, you will not only inform your audience but also contribute for them to engage with you and be interested in learning more about your services. An effective inbound marketing campaign will bring you more leads and boost your logistics business sales! Find out how inbound marketing can improve the sales of your logistics business.

A good example of a successful inbound marketing campaign is the one we have developed for our client GCE Logistics. The freight forwarder wanted to generate more engagement between the company and public, and so it hired LoGo inbound services. For 6 months, we created weekly content to feed their blog and social media with topics related to the services they offer. This campaign has increased their leads and GCE’s blog was also elected by Feedspot as one of the top 75 logistics blogs. Check GCE’s case to see the results of the strategy.

Your logistics company can also benefit from the inbound marketing. Learn more about our inbound service and get the chance to be in the top logistics blogs too!

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