See how LoGo turns its customers’ websites into a powerful business generator

By working with logistics professionals, we are aware that in this market, people’s major concern is not how their website looks, but if it is effective to generate business for their company. In other words, a website for logistics is usually focused on attracting prospects and converting them into customers.

However, many of logisticians aren’t sure about how to develop a website that will contribute to improving their sales. This is where a marketing agency with specialized knowledge in the logistics market, such as LoGo, can give you some guidance.

website for logistics (1)Many of LoGo’s clients have hired the website service without knowing for sure how they want their company’s page to be like. They often don’t know all the possibilities they have and what resources will help them to get more visibility.

On today’s post, we will show you how LoGo turns its customer’s website into a powerful business generator. Then you will have a better idea of how a website for logistics should be in order to attract more visitors and convince them to become customers. Check it out!


Corporate website as a way of standing out in the market

Using a website to differentiate yourself from others in the logistics market is a good strategy nowadays. Most people that are looking for a logistics service will search it on the web. If your company’s website creates a good impression and provides useful content, the public is more likely to want to learn more details about you and hire your services.

But just having a published online page is not enough to get there. It is necessary to define the main goals of the business and explore specific strategies and tools to improve the performance of the website for logistics! And this is what LoGo do for its clients.


What strategies we use to turn your website into a business generator?

LoGo provides its customers with customized attention: our team analyzes each case individually to create the best strategy according to the goals of the interested company. And we have different ways of helping your company to stand out on the web. Check out a few of them:



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Goals setting

After hearing you out and learning about all the expectations you have in the logistics market, LoGo’s team will elaborate the ideal strategy for your company’s website. This strategy will combine the effort of designers, copywriters, software developers and marketing specialists with deep knowledge in the logistics segment.

Then, they will start the creation process, always focused on the main goal of developing a website that has all the features to increase your company’s business generation by attracting leads, showing your differentials, making them create a good image about your brand and convincing them to hire services!



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Custom layout

The layout is what will make your website unique and define how positive of an image you are going to pass to your target audience. Therefore, having a good layout on your website will make the public’s experience with your website more pleasant and encourage them to make business with you.

LoGo’s team develop exclusive and sophisticated layouts, which have to do with the logistics market and will support all the strategy created for your business in an effective way. The layouts are aligned with each clients’ reality, strengthening their business’ brand identity and highlighting their differentials in the market.



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Focus on user experience

Once LoGo starts developing your website, their team combines all efforts onto making it very intuitive and user-friendly. Your target audience will most likely not dedicate much of their time searching for logistics companies and services on the web. They will want to find the information they need as soon as they access your website, and, if not, it is most likely they will leave it and look for other companies that have better websites.

Therefore, the website LoGo will develop for your business will be completely focused on providing users with the best experience possible, which will encourage them to spend time learning about your services and want to make business with you!



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Optimized texts

Providing your public with interesting, attractive and optimized texts is another plus for your company to stand out in the market. At LoGo, we have a copywriting team that understands the logistics market and is ready to develop texts that include all the information you want your public to know in a way that will catch the viewer’s attention.

The websites created by LoGo attract all kinds of users – including those that don’t have the time and patience to read blocks of texts to find what they’re looking for. This will be a major factor that will differentiate your company from the competitors and get more people to hire your services.



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Blog content production

Many logistics businesses are starting to use inbound marketing strategies. This concept means having a Blog on your company’s website, where you can constantly update your audience about what’s going on with your company and any interesting logistics subject you would like to talk about. Besides being a good form of engagement, blogs will also make your website rank well on search engines, which will lead more people to visit it and, consequently, increase your business generation.

If you want to have this kind of contact with your audience, LoGo will create a blog for you and also regularly feed it with useful and interesting content that will attract the right kind of audience to your website!



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Intelligent Call-to-actions

Call to actions are buttons that will guide the users browsing on your website directly to a page you want them to visit, such as “ Contact Us” or “Request a Quote”. Therefore, using CTAs is an effective tool for business generation and can help convincing your public to engage with your company, request quotes or get in touch with your sales team!

Thinking about that, LoGo’s team develops the most intelligent call to actions, with catchy design and positioned in a strategic location to lead all the users to click on it!


Now is time to create your own website for logistics

LoGo – Logistics Marketing has already applied these features and strategies to the websites of several logistics companies, and the result could not have been any better! The pages developed by LoGo have not only increased 8x the number of visitors but have also helped to convert more of them into customers for our clients.

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