target market for logistics company

How to define a target market for logistics company

Every company needs to know their public, their necessities, pains, and wishes. In the logistics business, it wouldn’t be different. But how to do this? Today, we are going to help you with that by letting you know how you can define a target market for logistics companies by creating a persona. When you know that, all […]

digital presence

Digital presence: how to get better results

I bet you don’t know any big company that doesn’t have a website, right? And that is because having a strong digital presence is a great way to make your company transmit confidence and security to your customers. However, we know that digital platforms are still new to marketing strategies and, because of that, many […]

logistics events

Logistics Events: How to prepare to make business there!

Every year, logistics events happen all over the world. Some large, others small, national, international, segmented and others very comprehensive. Don’t matter the size or type, all of them have the same point: to connect companies and introduce them to the market. Because of that, it is essential to be prepared and have a good […]

logistics business

Logistics Business: How to make a successful business

In the last years, the market has changed all around the world. Technology and new media channels brought more access to information to customers. And that made then more demanding, which increased competitiveness in all sectors, including the logistics business. Because of that, today, we are going to help you with some strategies and steps […]

Logistics technology trends enabling success in 2020

Every year, numerous logistics technologies are tested to facilitate the steps and methods of an area as complex as this. After all, the supply chain is extensive, and tools that make it easier to do all of their processes are undoubtedly very welcome. So, if you are from the logistics sector, cheer up! 2020 is […]

business presentation

Do I need a business presentation?

Companies and organizations often use business presentations as a tool to sell an idea or product, for training purposes, or to motivate the audience. Several factors determine the effectiveness of it with the public, but it all comes down to one thing: engaging your audience. Getting your public involved and truly interested when reading or […]

best b2b sales strategies

Best B2B sales strategies for logistics business

Sales b2b (business-to-business) means any sale established between companies, that is, business to business. This expression is widely used in the market to distinguish it from the B2C (business-to-consumer) sales in which the trade is made between the company and the final consumer. But which ones are the best b2b sales strategies? In the logistics […]

Supply chain logistics for a freight forwarder business

Do you know what supply chain logistics means? In general terms, it can be defined as a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in the activity of transporting products or services from suppliers to customers. Therefore, managing this structure efficiently is a good way to guarantee an effective final result. Well, but what is […]

4 best marketing tools for small business

Starting a business is not an easy task. The overcrowded market and all the successful companies already operating in your segment can be a big concern, not to mention the number of skills you need to master in order to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, there are some simple tools that can help your […]

Facebook marketing for small business: Pros and Cons of using it!

How many times have you browsed on Facebook and been distracted by a series of advertisements for products or services that were exactly what you were looking for? That’s a result of the assertiveness of Facebook Marketing Ads, a powerful way to advertise brands on social media. In today’s post, we will talk about the […]

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