The advances in drone delivery promise expansion in 2017

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On December 7 of last year, Amazon’s Prime Air completed its first delivery by drone: an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn. The delivery took 13 minutes, from the time it was ordered to its arrival in Cambridgeshire, England. For this kind of service, orders get sent to a fulfillment center, provided you have one nearby, and Amazon promises to have your items in your hands in 30 minutes or less.
Watch the video to check out how was the Amazon Prime Air’s first customer delivery:

For now, there are only two U.K. customers in the program. However, according to Amazon, they are expecting to expand to dozens of customers near its British facility in the next months and later grow to hundreds. Meanwhile, the trial is limited to daytime deliveries, only when there is a suitable weather. The service may also face some regulatory hurdles in areas where flying a drone is illegal and the 30 minutes deliveries are made at no extra cost.

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There is broad interest in the tech world in using drones as a fast and efficient way of delivery. Other giant companies are also looking into this kind of technology. Google, for example, has already delivered Chipotle burritos at Virginia Tech, Domino’s has delivered pizzas in New Zealand and Starbucks has plans of delivering coffee and other goods in the near future.

However, U.S. residents shouldn’t expect to get Amazon drone delivery anytime soon. This is because Amazon’s drones fly autonomously and without a human’s supervision. Unlike in the UK, where Amazon has an arrangement with the British government to test its drones, such thing is currently not considered legal in the United States.

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