Briefing: how important is it for my logistics business?


Before begin to explain the importance of this material, let’s conceptualize it. Do you know what a briefing is? The briefing is basically a summary of the current situation of a company. It’s a set of information containing in detail the company’s situation, its problems and difficulties, objectives to be achieved and the available resources to achieve these goals. This document is the initial basis for any planning.

When a briefing is well prepared, the chance of success and good results is much higher because the company and suppliers are aligned with the same ideas and the same ultimate goal.

It’s important to understand that there’s no briefing standard model, each company draws up as best fits its business and its needs, but some information is essential to a quality briefing:


1- A brief history of the company;

2- The problems and difficulties that the company has;

3- The objectives and targets that seek to achieve;

4- Features of current audience and potential audience that want to reach;


Thinking about these needs, we put bellow some important tips for filling this material:


1- The document should not be too long, but it should be complete.

2- It’s important to avoid general comments in completing a briefing. This ensures a more assertive and personalized service to each customer.

3- You are the best person to understand your business and thus, you are who must pass this information to your supplier so that it can prepare the best work according to your goals.

4- All information must be transmitted in detail so that the agency understands these needs.

5- Sending photos and supporting materials can help understanding this information.


LoGo is an advertising agency specialized in the logistics market and therefore already knows the market trends and the difficulties of this sector, but it’s essential that the agency understands the characteristics of each company individually and in which points it differs from its competitors in order to do the best job possible.

To learn more about this and other essential materials to reach good results to your company, please contact us.

Thais Faria

Advertiser, with an MBA in Marketing by FGV, Thais Faria has a decade of experience in marketing. She worked in segments such as civil construction and market research until she found the challenge of delivering quality marketing and generating real results for logistics companies. Together with her two partners, she founded LoGo - Logistics Marketing in 2015, the first marketing agency specializing in the logistics market, and since then, over 800 projects have been delivered to customers in more than 45 different countries. Today, Thais follows the lead of the service and production team of LoGo, guaranteeing the quality of delivery to each of her customers and keeping LoGo always ahead the market trends.

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