Do I need a business presentation?

business presentation

Companies and organizations often use business presentations as a tool to sell an idea or product, for training purposes, or to motivate the audience. Several factors determine the effectiveness of it with the public, but it all comes down to one thing: engaging your audience.

Getting your public involved and truly interested when reading or seeing a business presentation is easier said than done. We should also consider that the quality of the product presented may be the difference between persuading your audience and wasting their time.

Why should I invest in a business presentation?

It brings credibility to your company

If it is for a small, medium, or big companies, a well-designed business presentation is an excellent way of inducing confidence and generating trustworthiness in your client or partner. When done with a good layout, and complete content, your presentation can show who your company is, the services you provide, being essential to develop your brand and credibility. It also demonstrates professionalism – which is what your client is probably looking for in a partner.

Show your advantages over competitors

A business presentation is the best place to provide information about your company, in a way that will keep your lead interested. After that interest, the selling will be easier, since the client already has information about the company, going directly to a much more personal approach.

Boost your sales

Content must be commercial and well presented since it is much more seductive than a budget submitted in a Word spreadsheet or an ordinary phone conversation. Besides, a single business presentation may be sent to the entire sales team, and it can also be a sales tool.

Connect trough visual experience

The numerous benefits of investing in a professional presentation are justified by science: 90% of our communication is non-verbalized. This would imply that the visual information is processed by the brain about 60 times faster. Business presentations involve the public and create a memorable bonding experience between the vendor and the client. After all, the whole point of a presentation is to inform them in a way that stimulates and uplifts them to know more about your company, services and may to become an actual customer.

Tips for a good business presentation

As you may have noticed, a business presentation generates numerous benefits for your institution. However, you must be asking yourself, “how to make a good presentation”? Here are some tips to help you with this process:

Put consistent information

A good presentation is one that shows the product/service according to the interests and needs of your audience. Therefore, to prepare a good and complete material, ask yourself such questions as: “What benefits can I offer this person?”, “What are your problems and how can I solve them?”, “What is the real desire of my costumer?”.

By answering these points, you will be convincing while giving relevant information to your client.

Think about the text’s fonts

Have you noticed that the fonts have a personality? Rounder letters, for example, tend to have a more fluid effect and therefore are considered more fun and light sources. The square and serifed ones are associated with greater seriousness and sobriety. So think hard about your business and which option suits you best. If you are from the logistics business, for example, it might be interesting to use something like Times New Roman. A cosmetics company can be successful using Comic Sans.

Use visual language

We know that nowadays time and patience are less and less available resources, right? So, probably a client will not have free hours and calm to read 20 slides containing gigantic texts. In addition, it is known that our mind likes visual stimuli to feel interested. So use this to your advantage! Attach photos, graphics or even figures that illustrate what you are talking about. This will entertain your viewer!

Business Presentation: what not to do!

Some common mistakes can take away the effectiveness of your business presentation. Here are a few, so be careful not to commit them:

A lot of visual information

Yes. Visual information is important, but everything in life requires balance. Be careful not to put, for example, in the same blade several features like a photo, wallpaper, figures, and animated texts.

If used wisely, this tactic is great for the eyes. However, overkill can cause visual pollution!

Spelling mistakes

You may not think so, but that counts (a lot)! After all, a text full of errors passes the idea that the person who did it was not careful and therefore, who will ensure that it will do good service if hired? So the tip here is: always review your business presentation before you finalize it. If possible, more than once and have more than one person read it in the end.

Do not adapt the language to the public

Many people get the impression that using various technical terms will make the presentation richer and make you look smarter. However, we must understand that communication always needs to dialogue with who is receiving it. So always ask yourself who your audience is and what level of understanding it has with the subject matter. The business presentation, as mentioned earlier, needs to be clear and concise above all else.

Business presentation + personalized wallpaper = strong institutional image

The business presentation is not the only tool to have a strong institutional image. There are other items that can contribute to a good reputation, such as wallpapers, for example.

Having a personalized wallpaper with your company’s logo brings numerous benefits, such as making your image more professional or bringing greater security during your meetings.

With that in mind, we, from LoGo, have created a personalized wallpaper maker for your logistics company. It’s free and easy! Get yours now by clicking here.

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