Digital marketing in logistics: 5 steps to develop a powerful strategy

The globalization and constant increase of technology have brought people together in a way that was never seen before. Currently, there are several online channels and tools you can use to promote a business in the digital world. And when compared to traditional marketing, digital strategies have already proven to be more assertive and bring better results in terms of sales generation.

In case you are still unsure about digital marketing’s efficiency, check out the statistics below!

  • As of January 2018, the total internet users across the world is over 4 billion (which means more than half of the world’s population is using the internet);
  • Data reveals that 3.2 billion internet users are also social media users;
  • 80% of buyers use online e-commerce research before purchasing a product online or offline.


The role of digital marketing in logistics


The development of technology has provided companies in the logistics segment with tools that enable them to easily connect with potential buyers, using the internet to promote their services and generate more business opportunities.

In this scenario,  buyers are starting to see companies that are up to date with these trends and offer the possibility of hiring their services through digital channels with more credibility. Consequently, marketing for logistics has gone through some drastic changes over the years: it had to adapt to the digital era in order to increase logistics companies’ competitivity in the market.

This is why, currently, companies in the logistics segment have a wide range of digital marketing solutions to choose from. And taking advantage of these resources is a must if you wish to achieve a better sales performance and gain brand strength.

Whether you want to increase your websites’ traffic through Inbound marketing strategies, generate engagement with your target market through social media campaigns or expand your business’ advertising reach by investing in paid ads, LoGo – Logistics Marketing has the ideal solution to help you!


How to create a powerful digital marketing strategy?


If you haven’t yet invested in a digital marketing strategy, it is time to take action. Below, we have selected the main steps to take in order for your logistics business to achieve a good online performance.


1) Set your objective

When it comes to digital marketing in logistics, having a clear purpose in mind is the first step to guarantee a successful performance. Therefore, define your business’ overall mission answering the following question: what do you wish to accomplish as a company? This will make it much easier to define the marketing path you should follow to get there.


2) Analyze your previous actions (& learn from them)

If you are a first timer in digital marketing, you can already skip to the next step! However, in case your company has already done any kind of digital marketing campaign in the past, it is time to learn from it. Do a survey of what went wrong and what actions have somehow contributed for a greater performance.

From there, try to think of possible improvements for reaching an even better outcome this time. It is always a good idea to learn from past mistakes in order to ensure a more successful strategy this time.


3) Select the ideal channels to invest in under your budget

As we have already mentioned in this article, the development of technology has provided companies with several different channels and ways of promoting themselves online. However, seeing that most businesses have a limited marketing budget, it is almost impossible to invest in all of them.

You need to think strategically, selecting the ideal channels according to the specific goals you have in mind since step 1. The channels can vary from just a website to a blog, social media pages, and paid ads. Making the right decision here is what will determine how successful your overall performance will be, therefore, we strongly advise you to count on the assistance of a specialized marketing agency, such as LoGo – Logistics Marketing! 


4) Create a roadmap for execution

After having selected the digital channels you will be investing in, it is time to create a roadmap for execution of your digital marketing plan. During this process, it is essential that you know who you will be speaking to: keep your prospects’ profile and interests in mind at all times. By doing so, you will be able to define what the best approach to communicate with them is and plan your strategy around that.

Remember to keep an organized schedule of posts and constantly review your plan it in order to make it as assertive as possible and help you position yourself as an expert in your field of work.


5) Measure results & optimize


A great thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to measure its results in a much more effective way than if you were using traditional marketing strategies. So, take advantage of this!

Use specialized software such as Google Analytics to constantly check on your business’ online performance, analyzing numbers and having a clear idea on which efforts have been working and which should be improved. This might be the most important steps to guarantee a powerful long-term digital marketing campaign!

Count on LoGo’s assistance for the development of a powerful digital marketing campaign! Our professionals have years of experience in assisting logistics companies from all over the world to highlight their differentials in the segment and increase sales generation through specialized logistics marketing solutions.

We will be more than glad to help you achieve your goals too!



Ana Clara Rodrigues

Graduated in Journalism and very passionate about writing, Ana Rodrigues has strong expertise in creating relevant content for the international logistics industry and many other areas. As part of her professional trajectory, she has worked with news writing in both Brazil and the United States, until she decided to follow the digital marketing path and started to work as a copywriter. For almost 3 years, Ana has been helping logistics companies worldwide to stand out in the market through the production of specialized content on a number of different platforms.

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