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I bet you don’t know any big company that doesn’t have a website, right? And that is because having a strong digital presence is a great way to make your company transmit confidence and security to your customers.

However, we know that digital platforms are still new to marketing strategies and, because of that, many people have questions about this. After all, what are the real benefits? Is it better to hire an agency or a marketing analyst? We answer everything in this post!

Digital presence benefits

Be found

When you got a problem or a question, what you do? If you answered, “I search it on Google”, you must know that you are not alone.

Google is the biggest browser in the world. Because of that, a good investment in digital marketing can contribute (a lot) for your company to appear in results and be found, significantly reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Stand out from the competition

When you have a strong digital presence, internet users often come across your brand at some point (be it on facebook, Google searches, or through content marketing).

So when they need some service you offer, there’s a good chance you’re on top of their minds, which will set you apart from the competition!

You can be with your clients anytime and anywhere

Unlike having a physical store, through online platforms, you can sell or assist your customers anytime and anywhere. This reduces your costs and your investment since you don’t need to spend with rent and hire more professionals.

Agency or marketing analyst: which is the best option?

To have a strong digital image is a sum of a lot of factors like social media, an optimized website, consistent visual and text content, and good client assistance. So, don’t you agree that there are too many things to be done by just one professional?

For this reason, maybe it is better to hire a team, as is the agency case. And now, let’s see some other reasons why a marketing agency may be the best option for you:

Save money and time

Some people think that having a marketing sector within the company is the most cost-effective solution, but this is not necessarily ideal. In fact, to count with the agency assistance is the best alternative for small and midsize businesses that don’t have the infrastructure or money to maintain a marketing department.

Besides saving money, you don’t need to have a marketing professional in your company, not even overload your current employees with more functions. The agency will take care of everything for you!

Strategy and custom planning

Marketing agencies usually have a team of professionals with the know-how needed to develop the ideal marketing solution for your business. For that, they consider factors such as your goals and area of expertise.

Because of their expertise in promoting companies in the same industry as yours, LoGo offers the perfect combination to grow your business through the digital presence.

Expertise to define and manage your digital channels 

Another good reason for hiring a marketing agency is that only experts in the area will be able to tell you the ideal platforms for promoting your business. They will also manage those channels properly, and know what generates engagement between your public and your brand.

Knowledge to use the right tools 

Measuring results is critical to have a successful campaign and build a strong digital presence. But, attention! This requires experience with tools like Google Analytics and SEMRush, where you can analyze the data you need and identify your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses. So, with this information, you can implement constant improvements.

However, these tools can have a high cost, and it is not easy to find professionals that know how to use them correctly in the market. That’s why contracting an agency will give you some advantages!

Flexibility to stop and start campaigns  

With an internal marketing department, you will have a permanent commitment to your employees. Besides that, by enhancing your digital presence with a marketing agency, your business will have more flexibility to start and pause campaigns whenever you feel the need.

Imagine that you are organizing an event and want to use social media to promote it to the public. You can count on a marketing agency to do a temporary campaign with this propose, without worrying about having to stop it at the end of the event.

Regular campaigns are more productive, but some exceptions will intensify your company’s marketing workflow. For that, hiring a specialized agency is the ideal way to handle these swings in demand!

Professionals with expertise in their areas

An agency has a lot of marketing professionals, each of them working in their area of expertise. They have people specialized in attendance, writing, designing, social media, and others.

Because of that, they know what they need to do to offer you a complete job in the end. On another side, hiring only one professional who says that can do all these functions can prevent all of them from reaching their full potential.

Talk right to your persona

As we mentioned in the last topic, an agency has qualified professionals from all areas. That is exactly why they will do an in-depth study of your personas. With that, they know how, when, and where to reach your public as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In other words, a team will do its best to convert your customers. And as you may know, many heads always think better than one!

Build a powerful digital presence for your company with LoGo!

LoGo is more than just a marketing agency. Our team has a complete focus in developing specialized solutions for the logistics segment! We help logistics companies to highlight their differentials in the market, strengthening their brand, raising awareness, and increasing their customer reach to a global level.

All of this through competitive digital marketing solutions, which range from website development to social media management and SEO!

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