Do I need a Business presentation?

Companies and organizations often utilize business presentations as a means of selling an idea or product, for training purposes, or to motivate the audience. Several factors determine the effectiveness on the intended audience, but it all comes down to one thing: engaging your audience.

Getting an audience involved and truly turned into a business presentation is easier said than done. We should also consider that the quality of the presentation can mean the difference between persuading your audience and wasting their time.

It all comes down to one point: Why should I invest on a presentation? We have four main reasons for that!

1 – It brings credibility to your company

For a small to medium business, a well-designed business presentation is a great way of inducing confidence and generating trustworthiness in your client or partner. A well-designed presentation to present who your company is, the services you provide, is very important to develop your brand and credibility, it also demonstrates professionalism- which is what your client is probably looking for.

2 – Show your advantages over competitors

A business presentation is the best place to provide information about your company, in a visual way that will keep your lead interested. After that interest, the selling will be easier, since that lead already has information of the company, going directly a much more personal approach.

3 – Boost your sales

Content must be commercial and well presented since it is much more seductive than a budget submitted in a Word spreadsheet or in ordinary phone conversation. In addition, a single business presentation may be sent to the entire sales team and be used as a sales tool.

4- Connect trough visual experience

The numerous benefits of investing in a professional presentation are justified by science: 90% of our communication is non-verbalized. This would imply that the visual information to be processed by the brain about 60 times faster. Business presentations involve the client and create a memorable bonding experience between the vendor and the client. After all, the whole point of a presentation is to inform the client in a way that also stimulates and uplifts them to know more about your company, services and may to become an actual customer.

LoGo has extensive experience on creating high-impact presentations for logistics companies. Let us know here if you want to learn more about it.

Thais Faria

Advertiser, with an MBA in Marketing by FGV, Thais Faria has a decade of experience in marketing. She worked in segments such as civil construction and market research until she found the challenge of delivering quality marketing and generating real results for logistics companies. Together with her two partners, she founded LoGo - Logistics Marketing in 2015, the first marketing agency specializing in the logistics market, and since then, over 800 projects have been delivered to customers in more than 45 different countries. Today, Thais follows the lead of the service and production team of LoGo, guaranteeing the quality of delivery to each of her customers and keeping LoGo always ahead the market trends.

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