Do I need to invest in marketing? – Special for logistics companies

For companies to communicate successfully with stakeholders, it is vital to produce messages which compliment their general marketing strategy. Although it may sound relatively easy, dealing with marketing can be quite complicated, especially If you need a high-quality service.

In logistics is not different. Every day the competition becomes harder and provide good services are no longer enough. A company, to gain market share and grow, has to communicate its differentials and do it strategically.

Coca-Cola may already be one of the most recognized brands in the world, but they nevertheless spend billions of dollars every year on their marketing efforts.  On the other side, startups and micro-businesses view those strategies as a matter of survival, and it is.

Between the two extremes, however, a fact often happens: Once a company gets past a few million dollars in revenue, the lack of time usually let things slide. Some of these companies stop marketing altogether.

The secret is to make communication a part of the company routine. Thinking about logistics, a company has to constantly keep its target updated about what the company is doing, new services, improvements and other important information.

Inexperienced companies use marketing when something is wrong – when they’re not enough customers, they invest today in order to get the results tomorrow. This is one of the reasons so many successful businesses wind up failing.

Marketing is the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it—and keeps it there. Peter Drucker, one of the leading experts on management theory, wrote: “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.

This perspective is what keeps Fortune 500 companies so intense about sustained, well-funded marketing – even when they’re already successful by any measure.

While inexperienced businesses wait until they need results to invest, these enterprises are used to get the marketing as a part of the company, which keeps them strong the whole year, every year.

No matter what type of logistics business you may have, no matter how big it is, it is important that you invest in high-quality and well-developed strategies.

Successful companies never stop communicating!

If you are a logistics company and need support on this topic, contact us. As an agency specialized in the logistics market, we have all the expertise to help your business to grow!

Thais Faria

Advertiser, with an MBA in Marketing by FGV, Thais Faria has a decade of experience in marketing. She worked in segments such as civil construction and market research until she found the challenge of delivering quality marketing and generating real results for logistics companies. Together with her two partners, she founded LoGo - Logistics Marketing in 2015, the first marketing agency specializing in the logistics market, and since then, over 800 projects have been delivered to customers in more than 45 different countries. Today, Thais follows the lead of the service and production team of LoGo, guaranteeing the quality of delivery to each of her customers and keeping LoGo always ahead the market trends.

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