Facebook marketing for small business: Pros and Cons of using it!

How many times have you browsed on Facebook and been distracted by a series of advertisements for products or services that were exactly what you were looking for? That’s a result of the assertiveness of Facebook Marketing Ads, a powerful way to advertise brands on social media. In today’s post, we will talk about the advantages of using Facebook marketing for small business.

Facebook marketing for small business is a great and cheap way to improve sales, generate more qualified leads and increase customer loyalty. If you want to learn more about this tool, keep reading this article!

Pros of Facebook marketing for small business


As we’re talking about a small company, one of the things it needs to attract more clients is visibility. In this aspect, Facebook is a great ally. Creating the right and relevant content will attract people who will start to follow your page in an organic way, even if you first have to boost the post.

Let’s take a practical example: If you have a transportation business, you can create content explaining the best way to export each type of product (perishable, dangerous, etc …). So, if someone comes to your page wondering how to properly carry this merchandise, they can end up doing business with you.


Social networks have a very direct relationship with the consumer. Using Facebook, it is possible to communicate with your clients, receive feedbacks, answer questions and analyze the content that has received more engagement. This gives you the knowledge over which actions are working and which are not in your company.
In addition, this interaction creates a more humane and friendly relationship with your customers.

You can, for example, when selling a product, ask your customers if they liked it and are satisfied. Another good thing is to keep up with the birthday of your best buyers and send a personalized happy birthday message. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty.


This is one of the biggest advantages of Facebook marketing for small business: it’s much cheaper to advertise on Facebook than on radio or television, for example.
Also, if you do a good job, it is possible to maintain an organic turnover through sponsored posts. But for that, you need to be aware of what your target audience is interested in seeing on the networks and creating targeted content, okay?

Cos of Facebook marketing for small business


The interactivity that Facebook provides has many positive aspects. However, how everything in life, it has two sides. One of the cons of using Facebook Marketing for small business is: sometimes when you publish content, a complaint in the comments can draw a lot of attention.

Unlike a television advertisement, the user can give instant and very visible feedback. So to avoid this kind of thing, it is ideal that you monitor your page well: try to make your customers happy as much as possible, and when it is not possible, take care of it so that damages are reduced: send a gift, offer restitution or any necessary assistance. This way, even with bad user comments, you will look like a business who cares about the clients and provides good customer service.

Constant updating

It doesn´t make sense to create a profile on Facebook if you are going to leave it abandoned for a month. People access social networks on a daily basis, so your company needs to post frequently to be remembered.

Because of that, you need to be willing to manage your page with commitment and always post differentiated content (videos, photos, texts, gifs, customer service, etc …).
So, if you do not have this availability, perhaps it is the case to hire a specialized team to execute this task.

Enjoyed our tips?

We hope this post has helped you to understand whether or not it’s worth it to invest in Facebook marketing for small business.

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