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freight broker marketing

Time is, without any doubt, one of the most precious things nowadays. Professions that can make people save time tend to grow more and more. This is a big reason why freight brokers are highly valued in the logistics market: they make customs processes easier and faster. However, high value also brings competition, and in order to have a successful sales performance, it is necessary to stand out from competitors. And investing in freight broker marketing can help you to accomplish this.

With the right strategy, it is possible to prospect new customers and retain old ones. So in this post, we will help you build a freight broker marketing campaign by sharing some useful tips. Check it out!

Freight broker marketing tips

1- Knowledge of the public is the first step

Targetting the public correctly involves knowing who your main audience is and what interests them. This information will be what helps you to build your business’ persona.

Once you have done this, use tools like SEMRush or Keyword Tool to find out what are the most frequent keywords used by your persona when searching for a service you provide. From this knowledge, you can create content and build your marketing strategy around these words. This will help you to reach your target in an easier and more effective way. 

2- Hire a company to develop your brand identity

As the market is very competitive, your brand identity will help your company to stand out from other freight brokers. A logo that is suitable for your type of business, for example, will contribute for you to build more credibility towards customers.

But attention: when hiring a company to build your brand identity, it is important to choose one that fully understands your needs. After all, the visual identity is the strongest part of your business and it tells a story, which needs to be consistent and communicate well with your customers and prospects. The best choice is to count on the assistance of an agency with expertise in logistics marketing, such as LoGo.

One of LoGo’s successful cases is the visual identity developed for Primo. The freight company felt like their logo was outdated and unattractive. Therefore, they hired us to completely renew it, making it more modern and coherent to the current situation of their business.

3- Create a powerful website

The time when dispatchers needed to use offline strategies to promote themselves is over. Nowadays, your main communication and marketing channel will be your website, which needs to be informative, provide users with a good experience and an easy way to get ahold of your team. Besides, it should also be coherent with your brand identity.

A good example is the GCE’s IOR Website. We, from LoGo, created a website completely focused on their segment! It is informative,  simple to browse, with an intuitive layout that leads the customers directly to take action and request quotes.

4- Use Google AdWords

When working with Google AdWords, your business can be easily found by prospects. This tool allows you to publish paid ads that will appear on Google’s first page when someone searches for one of the services provided by your company.

For example, if someone searches for a dispatcher in New York and you operate in this market, your company will show up as one of the top results without even needing to rank well organically.

5- Use social media

Social media is also a great tool to build loyalty and grow closer to your target audience. Create pages to advertise your services on Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition to disclosure, these platforms also act as support channels, where you can speak directly to your customers, keeping them updated about what’s going on, and vice-versa.

In a b2b scenario, social media tighten the bonds between your company and other businesses, forming a communication bridge. However, if you wish to generate more engagement, remember to keep your pages constantly updated with interesting content.

6- Highlight your main differentials

As we’ve already mentioned, people who hire dispatchers have two things in mind: saving time and making their customs clearance processes more efficient.

So, don’t forget to highlight in your social networks and website how fast you are in the processes. In addition to, of course, stressing your company’s knowledge and experience. This will give you credibility over competitors.

7- Satisfaction means return

Whenever you serve a customer, be interested in their feedback. Send a message, call them, see if your services was able to meet their expectations in terms of efficiency and agility. This will make them feel well taken care of and they will probably remember you when in need of future assistance.

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