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Having access to high-quality and educating content is important for professionals in any segment. But when we are talking about logistics, this becomes even more necessary. Fortunately, there are several logistics blogs you can follow to be up to date with what’s going on in this market.

In this post, we will explain why accessing logistics blogs is so important and tell you which are the best ones to follow according to your personal interests or field of expertise. Enjoy!

The importance of logistics blogs

The performance of a logistics business strongly relies on factors like the global economy and foreign relations. Besides, working in this segment also means dealing with several complex terms and particularities, depending on each demand.

Reading logistics blogs is an effective strategy to be in constant contact with what’s trending in this market, learn about innovations that could be applied in your company or even strategies to optimize the performance of your team.

However, with so many blogs available, it is a common thing to struggle to find the ones that could really aggregate valuable knowledge to you. In order to help you do so, we have listed the top 10 logistics blogs below and explained why you should follow each one. Check it out!

Top 10 logistics blogs on the internet

1) Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics provides useful content and news about the logistics industry, as well as some experts’ commentaries about current topics in the supply chain. The platform was created so both newcomers to the industry and professionals who’ve been operating in this field for some time have a place to stay informed about the market. Check it out!

2) Logistics Viewpoints

From weekly news about the logistics industry to specialized content on third party logistics, this blog provides logistics professionals with a full coverage of what’s going on in this segment. By showing different perspectives on issues that matter to the logistics field, the blog does justice to the name “viewpoints” and works as a multifaceted source of information. Chek it out!

3) Cerasis

Cerasis is one of the most recommended blogs for professionals interested in learning more about the transportation and logistics industries. Ranging from short informational posts to long, comprehensive articles, the blog provides content for all kinds of audiences and covers topics like innovations in transport and logistics, warehousing and manufacturing. Check it out!

4) Twig Logistics Network

Twig Logistics Network is a select group of freight forwarders worldwide. Besides providing its members with a safe environment to build partnerships and expand their business possibilities, Twig’s website also offers a highly informative blog to anyone interested in learning more about freight forwarding terms and networking strategies to do well in this area. Take a look!

5) FOX Brasil

FOX Brasil is one of the companies that lead the freight forwarding industry in Latin America, with emphasis to the Brazilian market. The forwarder also offers a great blog on their website. Their blog works as a source of high-quality information about the logistics world and covers topics like project cargo, heavy-lift, technology, and industry news/trends. Check it out!

6) Bulk Transporter

Bulk Transporter offers a wider approach to the discussion of topics in the world of transportation. Some of the topics covered by the blog are fleet management, government regulations and technology, green energy, fuel prices and safety measures. This blog works as an excellent source of quality information for professionals operating in any sector of the transportation industry. Check it out!

7) 3PL Wire

Unlike logistics blogs with a more general approach, 3PL Wire provides more specialized content, best suited for shippers in need of using third-party logistics providers or even third-party logistics companies themselves. The site offers solid information and great advice for companies aiming to learn, grow and improve their 3PL knowledge or performance, as well as those who want to stay up to date with the current events in this field. Check it out!

8) Overdrive

Best known as a magazine, Overdrive also has an amazing blog where they post daily content and insights for drivers and carriers alike, not to mention top-notch industry news. The blog also features weekly podcasts where industry experts discuss different logistics topics. They are definitely worth a listen. Click here to visit the blog!

9) Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive is one of the most comprehensive logistics blogs available on the internet, covering areas like regulation, freight, logistics, operations, and industry trends. With informative and diverse content, the blog offers a brilliant source of knowledge for both consumers and logistics businesses with a global perspective. Check it out!

10) Food logistics

Food Logistics specializes in the production of content related to the logistics niche, posting articles on cold chain integrity, food safety, temperature controlled freight and all the latest technological innovations for this area. Check it out!

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