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In the last years, the market has changed all around the world. Technology and new media channels brought more access to information to customers. And that made then more demanding, which increased competitiveness in all sectors, including the logistics business.

Because of that, today, we are going to help you with some strategies and steps that you can use to improve your business image and your communication with your client. They will help you differentiate from your competition and make your business even more successful!

Learn how to make a successful logistics business

Promote your logistics business on the internet

Most logistics professionals acknowledge the importance of having an online presence, such as a website or social media pages. However, not all of them have strong strategies to promote their logistics business on the web effectively.

Frequently, they are still not sure about what they should invest or how they should act to encourage internet users to engage with their company.

But today, people search for everything they need on the internet. So, having a good online presence is very important for you to increase your sales!

Invest in a good website

Your website will be the biggest representation of your business online. It is where you can show more about your company, differentials and convince people to hire your services. Therefore, it should always create a positive impression on every visitor that comes across it.

So, your website needs:

  • Important information about your logistics business
  • Modern and intuitive layout
  • Good client-support service
  • Contents that are interesting, relevant and optimized

Don’t forget to submit your URL to search engines

If you haven’t done that yet, another important thing is to register your logistics business on the most common search engines’ online directories, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All you have to do is fill up a form and let them acknowledge your existence and some particularities of your company, like where is your office and what is your area of expertise.

By listing your business in these directories, it will start showing up in specific search results – particularly if someone is looking for a local business.

Where else your logistics company should be?

Besides investing in the development of a good website, you should also embrace social media. Some people like to look for businesses on those platforms even more than they do it on search engines. So, the ones you should consider being present are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Care for your branding

Your brand and your concept are the way your customers see your business. Besides, good branding makes you stand out from your competitors and helps you to be the first thing that comes into your customers’ minds when they are buying a product.

So, to do a good branding, you need to think about:

Your target

Search about your potential public: what they need, which problem they have, and how you can help them. These aspects have to be clear to you!

Value your differential

You need to know what makes you different from your competition and invest in those aspects with all you can! As we said, the market is more competitive every day, and, because of that, you need to show to your client what makes you stand out and why they should choose your company.

Brand presence

Your brand needs to be present in the right places. So, do research and find where your audience is and where they are looking for services and products. Then, focus your energy, time, and money on what really matters!

Care for your costumers

You need to look after your clients so that they can have a good perception of you. So, make sure that they are receiving good assistance and that your professionals are prepared and empowered to help your consumers.

How to increase sales of your logistics business

Warm approach with prospects

Some salespeople often make a cold approach with prospects, getting in touch with them in a generalized way, and not knowing how to develop a more personalized contact.

However, one of the main objectives of a sales team is to be able to connect with possible customers in a more personal way. So, invest in a warm approach! This will give your team more credibility and show prospects that your logistics business cares for them and want to know about their individual needs to fulfill them the best way they can.

Listen more, speak less

Most of the salespeople talk too much and do not give space for the prospect to speak. This will most likely scare them off – no one likes having to listen to a bunch of information from a salesperson and not even having the opportunity to express what their expectations and necessities really are.

So, it is crucial to listen to your audience! This way, you are going to know what they are actually looking for and offer what they really need.

Don’t miss important information about your clients

Being a salesperson is not always easy. You will be in contact with a lot of different prospects simultaneously. Sometimes it can be quite confusing to remember everyone’s profile and the right approach to deal with each one of them.

Therefore, it is essential for your sales team to be organized and keep notes of their conversation with each potential client. A tip here is to write down information such as: what kind of services they are looking for, what their time/cost restraints are, what kind of expectations they have, any information that your salespeople consider important to provide a personalized contact later.

Efficient follow-up

A very common mistake made by sales teams is not knowing how to conduct an efficient follow-up with prospects and clients. At the same time, your salespeople cannot be annoying and insistent on trying to convince your prospects to buy a service that they have already said they are not interested at the moment. They can not completely lose touch with these potential clients either.

Some people might need your services now, but you must make them remember your company. Then, if they need a logistics solution in the future, your business will most likely be the first one they will think about. This is why the follow-up is so necessary. It will not only show your clients that you care about their feedback and make them loyal to your brand but also contribute to your company so that it can acquire new clients in the long term.

Invest in good marketing support materials

As well as having efficient sales professionals, it is just as important to have suitable marketing materials to support your team when they are presenting your logistics business. And a common mistake made by companies in this market is not to invest in these materials, leaving the entire responsibility of introducing the company to prospects for the sales team.

Some materials, such as corporate presentations, brochures, and email marketing, play a complementary role in your salespeople’s job. They help you to recommend your company to prospects successfully and also save your salespeople’s time, allowing them to have total focus on selling, instead of having to answer some basic questions.

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