How your logistics company sales can be influenced by Google

Experiencing sales growth is a goal for every professional in the logistics business. After all, in such a competitive marketplace, who does not wish to acquire more clients and profit? Well, increasing your logistics company sales is not an easy task. However, there are some smart methods that can help you do so. One of them is investing in digital marketing to make your company rank well on Google and other search engines.

You are probably thinking: how can ranking well on Google contribute for my sales? Just so you have an idea of how poweful of a tool Google is: it accounted for 91% of US site visits in 2017. This means that the vast majority of accesses a website gets comes from a Google search. Therefore, by ranking well on this platform, your logistics company will attract many  more visitors and, consequently, sell more.


Take a look at the statistics below:

  • The global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines heavily favours Google, with over 77% (Smart Insights, 2017)
  • 18% of searches done on mobile devices lead to a sale within a day (Junto, 2017)
  • 3.8 million searches happen every minute on Google (Smart Insights, 2017)


Increasing your logistics company sales through Google ranking


As you can see on the statistics above, Google is indeed a strong platform of business generation. Unlike some people might think, ranking well on it gives your company more than just status. It makes you visible to a bigger audience. And considering most b2b purchase actions start online, being apparent in the digital world is essential to get more customers.

This is a fact for companies in every segment. And it can be done by some simple digital marketing actions, such as investing in an inbound strategy, creating content to feed your company’s blog accordingly to your target’s interest and investing in Google Adwords (Google’s paid advertising). By taking these steps, you will improve your logistics company’s performance for both organic and paid online traffic.

And with more people accessing your website, you will for sure increase your sales opportunities. But your job doesn’t stop there! More than attracting a wide public to your company’s site, you also need to make sure that they will be impressed once they get there. In other words, just being on the top by itself won’t do any good. If once the person clicks on your website, they are disappointed by the quality of it, they will most likely leave it right away and carry on with their search elsewhere.

This is why it is important to make sure that your website is user-friendly, modern and provides visitors with all the information they need in an easy way. Make sure it also has a mobile version, that it loads fast and allow user to take direct actions such as get in touch with your team, subscribe to your newsletter or request a quote.


Combining good ranking and website


The combination of these two things (good ranking and website) is what will take your logistics company sales to another level and ensure you have an amazing performance online! Do you want to know how to get to Google’s fist page? Click here to download “Google Rank: Guide to put your logistics website on the first page”, our exclusive Ebook with everything you need to do in order to have the best ranking possible!

If you want specialized assistance from professionals who have specialized knowledge in marketing for logistics, LoGo – Logistics Marketing can also help you! Our solutions go from creating the best website for your logistics company to making you rank well on search engines through the development of powerful digital campaigns!



Ana Clara Rodrigues

Graduated in Journalism and very passionate about writing, Ana Rodrigues has strong expertise in creating relevant content for the international logistics industry and many other areas. As part of her professional trajectory, she has worked with news writing in both Brazil and the United States, until she decided to follow the digital marketing path and started to work as a copywriter. For almost 3 years, Ana has been helping logistics companies worldwide to stand out in the market through the production of specialized content on a number of different platforms.

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