Logistics Email: How to use this tool and get excellent results in 2019

You may think that sending logistics email is an outdated marketing trend. However, emails are actually still one of the most effective tools of online advertising, being highly used among professionals in several fields.

In fact, email marketing has survived through the various stages of digital marketing evolution, remaining as an excellent communication channel, which can be strategically used as part of a larger digital campaign.

A study conducted by the Radicati Group shows how emails are still a major player in corporate communication, and therefore, digital marketing:

  • More than 34% of the world population worldwide have email accounts;
  • About 196 billion emails are sent daily;
  • The vast majority of this number (109 billion) corresponds to the exchange of business email.
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Did you know that, in logistics, sending email marketing is even more effective than in other fields? The reason is simple: since logistics professionals are constantly in need of exchanging business with partners and clients overseas, and there is no better communication tool than sending logistics email to get ahold of businesses abroad.

There are many reasons to confirm that the effective use of email can be a very smart strategy to successfully advertise your logistics business. Here are some of them!

Why sending logistics email?

Personal touch

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Email marketing is the most personal contact you can have with your target audience apart from physically interacting with them. Since in logistics it is almost impossible to personally connect with your public (they are mostly abroad), sending emails might be a good idea to generate engagement.

Also, there is a big advantage of using email marketing: different from social media, for example, they can be individually customized to each person, allowing you to address people by their name or choose what content to send to each contact, according to their profile or area of interest. This will show your leads that your logistics company dedicates attention to give personalized attention to each one of them.

Economic and cost-effective

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Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of people at a low rate. Marketing companies like LoGo – Logistics Marketing can create a whole email marketing strategy to your business at a competitive rate.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics. Therefore, emails are an effective and cheap mean of engaging your audience with your brand and increasing your logistics sales.


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When sending a email marketing, you can use software to get information like who opened your email, which links were clicked, how many people unsubscribed, etc. With this data, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your campaign, what has been working and what not, in order to improve your results and reach even greater numbers on the next ones.

Action oriented

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Emails tend to influence interaction. There is, receivers have an instant reaction to them, which can be replying, forwarding, clicking on your website to learn more information about your company or maybe even instantly hiring your services if you happen to be offering exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, email marketing is a way to encourage your target audience to not only engage with you but also react to what you have been sending them.

The fact that email inboxes can be easily accessed through mobile phones makes this response even faster, as you will be able to communicate with your audience regardless of where they are!

How to build an effective logistics email?

Know who you are trying to reach 

The first thing to do to achieve great results with logistics email is to make sure they are being sent to the right people. Therefore, before starting a campaign, define who is your target audience and search for a suitable mailing list.

Remember that when it comes to email marketing, assertiveness is everything. Said another way, it’s better to have a short list of qualified leads receiving your logistics email than a long list of unqualified leads, who won’t likely be interested in your services/products. 

Write attractive subject and clear copy

In the corporate world, most professionals are busy and, therefore, selective with the emails they are going to open. Would you, for instance, open an email with a subject that doesn’t catch your attention at all? 

The major challenge of building an effective logistics email is making sure that it will stand out from the many others in the receiver’s inbox. Therefore, be as creative as you can when writing the subject of your email. Try to think about what would make your target audience interested and go for it!

Even more importantly, make sure the person doesn’t get disappointed once they have decided to click on your logistics email. Write a compelling copy, which is able to pass your message in a clear way and show the benefits you are really offering. And don’t be too long, remember how precious your prospects’ time is! 

Direct the reader to take action 

As we have mentioned above, one of the best things about email marketing is that, if done correctly, they will encourage the receivers to take action right away. Think about the action you want the receiver to take, such as request a quote, visit your website or get in touch with you. 

Then, direct the reader to take that action by adding an attractive CTA (Call to Action), which is a button that they can click and be directed to a specific page of your website or a landing page. 

Build email flows according to the user actions

When it comes to sending logistics email, you need to keep a certain periodicity in order to achieve positive results. The most appropriate way to do so is to build different email flows/schedules according to the user actions. 

For example: a user that opened your first email and filled in a landing page to access a material you were offering should receive a follow-up email asking about their feedback on the material and suggesting other content they might be interested in.

However, a user who didn’t open your first email should go through a different flow, where you can try to send emails with different approaches in order to try to engage with them. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too insistent! Sending too many emails can have the opposite effect on your leads and scare them away! 

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