Logistics Events: How to prepare to make business there!

logistics events

Every year, logistics events happen all over the world. Some large, others small, national, international, segmented and others very comprehensive. Don’t matter the size or type, all of them have the same point: to connect companies and introduce them to the market.

Because of that, it is essential to be prepared and have a good return. That is why in this text we will give valuable tips for your company to perform well at these fairs. Interested? Then check them out!

Know how to be 100% prepared in logistics events

Search about the companies

It is crucial to search and know more about all the companies (or the more important ones) that will be present in the event. Find out, for example, who is the director, what is their mission, which products they have and which services they need. People appreciate it when they perceive that you are interested in what they do. So this is the first step to build a good relationship.

Study logistics trends

To be updated is crucial! Nowadays, the technology is very advanced and, because of that, the business changes all the time, and we must adapt. So, you need to know where the market is going and which trend is affecting it. For that, we have some tips:

  • In the event, when you find people who don’t know a trend you’ve studied about, tell them what it is and how it will affect their business. They will see how much you are ahead of them and admire your company.
  • When you find people who already know about this tendency, it is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge. It is an excellent way to network!

Believe in your best products or services

Before the event, talk to your managers and learn more about your products or services. Also, find out which ones they think are important to take to the event. Remember: it is a place to introduce your business and let people know what your differential is. So, you need to show what you do best!

Invest in your best employees

You need to bring your best employees to logistics events. But attention! We are not just talking about people who do a good job in your company. Here, you need to consider a lot of things.

These employees need to know your services well, and also be charismatic, dynamic, and friendly. After all, they are there to introduce your business and build new relationships. Oh! And they all need to be integrated, as a team.

Take marketing materials to logistics events!

In addition to having prepared all the items mentioned above, it is indispensable to have good marketing materials in hand. They not only support your arguments but can help you stand out from other logistics companies.

And what materials should you invest in before attending an event? Find out the essential ones below:

Business cards

One of the primary materials to take to any business event is your business card. As you already know, it is one of the first things you share with someone when introducing yourself and talking about your company. And if you have a successful conversation, your prospects will use your business card to contact you later.

However, how can you stand out among so many business cards collected during logistics events? The best thing to do is to create a powerful material for your company! Remember to choose a modern design that is aligned with the visual identity of your business. This will give personality to the material and show your professionalism.

Digital Presentation

Especially in the logistics industry, digital presentations are one of the most used marketing materials. They are great for lectures and workshops held at logistics events. Also, they work as a support to the speaker and can be shared with your listeners.

This material allows you to summarize important information about your logistics company, such as history, services, differentials and has a good visual appeal. At LoGo – Logistics Marketing, this is one of the most sought services. Besides being used in events, presentations are constantly sent by email.

To help you with your presentation, we made a blog post about it! Check out 4 topics to consider when developing a powerful logistics presentation.


Brochures are also widely used materials to promote business during logistics events. They are very versatile since they carry a lot of information and are visually attractive. Depending on the size, they do not take up much space and can be easily transported on business trips.

A well-designed brochure, with relevant content, will catch the attention of your audience and encourage them to get to know your logistics company better. Your material can be created for a specific event, or it can be used as a general institutional material.

Want to know more? Then learn why logistics companies need a printed brochure.

Inspire yourself with cases of successful logistics marketing

LoGo is an agency focused entirely on a single segment: logistics. Therefore, we have accurate know-how of the market you operate and all the services you provide.

Because of that, in the last years, we have gathered some cases of successful logistics, and to inspire other companies we wrote an e-Book about them.

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