Logistics strategy: 5 mistakes you may be making

logistics strategy

Investing in the development of well-thought logistics processes is key to set your company apart from the others. In such a competitive marketplace, if you go the extra mile to provide exceptional logistics services, it’s possible to increase brand loyalty and set your company as an authority in your field of expertise. But of course, doing so involves having a flawless logistics strategy in place.

Optimizing your logistics processes and the operational side of your supply chain isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, there are some common mistakes that could keep your company from achieving its full potential in the market. Check out some things to avoid when building a logistics strategy!


5 mistakes to avoid when building a logistics strategy


1- Not investing in technology


The best thing about living in the multi-channel era is to be able to take advantage of all the technological systems and software that could optimize your logistics management.

With so many options available, it is a big mistake not to invest in modernizing your business through the implementation of technologies such as real-time monitoring of shipments and warehouses.


2- Poor visibility to inventory


One of the most common ways to face issues while managing your business’ logistics processes is the incapability of accessing accurate inventory information when necessary.

There are many administration tools that could simplify inventory management and allow you to keep your customers informed about in-stock merchandise throughout the entire supply chain process.


3- Inflexibility in your logistics strategy


When building a logistics strategy, make sure to consider the impact that production growth or decrease will have in all your supply chain’s operational processes.

Not considering industrial scalability is a mistake that could result in the lack of resources in case you face peak sales periods or crises that could affect customer demand for a certain product.


4- Lack of third-party resources


Some entrepreneurs choose to handle all of their logistics processes in-house. However, this requires counting on your own fleet, warehouses, and a dedicated team of logistics professionals. This could result in more expenses for your company and less productivity (considering the limited workforce).

Therefore, especially when dealing with oscillating demands, it is ideal to have some logistics providers you can rely on. By counting on the right partners, you will optimize operational costs and have access to state-of-the-art facilities and personnel to handle your company’s logistics strategy.


5- Unprepared staff

The logistics segment is constantly evolving, and so should your team. Another common mistake when it comes to building an effective logistics strategy is not training your professionals to handle all the operations developed by your company appropriately.

Although technology can help you with a lot of processes, your team should be constantly instructed about how to use and operate each new system that you decide to adopt. Therefore, try to establish training activities as part of your business’ work routine. Make sure that your workers are aware of the new industry trends and that they are ready to handle all the possible issues that your business’ supply chain could face.

Bonus: don’t underestimate the power of marketing!


Besides all the mistakes we have listed above, another one is not investing in marketing. With a powerful logistics marketing strategy, your business will be in the spotlight and achieve even greater performance in terms of sales generation.

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Ana Clara Rodrigues

Graduated in Journalism and very passionate about writing, Ana Rodrigues has strong expertise in creating relevant content for the international logistics industry and many other areas. As part of her professional trajectory, she has worked with news writing in both Brazil and the United States, until she decided to follow the digital marketing path and started to work as a copywriter. For almost 3 years, Ana has been helping logistics companies worldwide to stand out in the market through the production of specialized content on a number of different platforms.

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