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Even with all the technology available nowadays, many professionals in the logistics field still don’t recognize how investing in the development of a modern logistics website can bring them results in terms of sales and business generation.

Of course, the vast majority of companies in the market do have websites and some kind of online presence. However, most of these websites are outdated or developed in an ineffective way, which doesn’t help to attract prospects and convert them into customers.

On this week’s post, you are going to see how having an innovative logistics website can make all the difference to help your company stand out from competitors.

According to research conducted by Google Specialists in 2015, 71% of B2B researchers start their research for a service or product with a generic search. This statistic shows a very important pattern: your prospects go online when in need of finding a logistics company to work with.

Now, let’s analyze this second stat, also provided by Google: B2B researchers do 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. What can we learn from this one?

The main lesson we take from it is that it is not enough to have an online presence when all your competitors are also on the internet. Your logistics website needs to go beyond, helping you to stand out among other companies and impress prospects in a way that they will choose your brand over the others’.

You might think this is a very hard task. But definitely not out of your reach! With the assistance of a marketing agency with real expertise in your segment, such as LoGo – Logistics Marketing, you will get all the help you need to develop a powerful and stunning website for your company. And, what’s better, more than being attractive, it will bring you real results in terms of increasing your brand’s visibility, authority and business opportunities.

Still not convinced about the importance of investing in a modern and effective logistics website for your company? Below, our marketings specialists will show you, in details, some of the ways that this investment could help you to close more sales and have an outstanding performance in the logistics market.

How can a good logistics website help you close more sales?

Tools to improve communication between you and the prospect

The internet is an amazing gate of communication between your company and all prospects. Unlike what some people might think, its function goes way beyond just attracting people to get to know your business. It allows your company to establish effective communication with each one of these people, answering their doubts and letting them know how helpful your team can be in providing them the solutions they need. Forget about the old school way of promoting your business by asking people to e-mail or phone you.

By investing in an innovative website, you will be able to offer tools like an instant chat, where users can talk to your team directly from your page, or even better: a page where they can request a quote for a service you offer directly from your website. By making it so simple for the public to get ahold of you, you will see how the number of prospects contacting your team will increase and how it will become so much easier for your commercial team to prospect new customers!

Visual identity coherent with your business’ personality

Your logistics website’s visual identity is what will make your page unique and define how positive of an image you are going to pass to your target audience online. In other words, if your goal is to show the public that your company is modern and provides innovative logistics and transportation solutions, this should be the impression they get from your business when they go online. If you want them to see how traditional and experienced you are, your website should show that too… and so on.

Defining the ideal visual identity and design for your site’s layout will determine how positive of an experience your prospects will have when browsing on it, and even more importantly: if/how your brand will be remembered by them. This makes all the difference on whether they will think you can provide what they are looking for and, therefore, should be carefully considered during your logistics website’s development process.

Personalized to your company’s specific goals in the market

Last but not least, by investing in the development of an innovative logistics website, you will be able to personalize it according to the specific goals your company aims to reach. All you need to do is let your marketing agency know in what ways you believe your new site could contribute to improving your business’ performance. Then, they will build the project entirely around your expectations and objectives. And what’s even better: you will participate in the whole process, giving your opinion at each stage, until you are completely happy with the result!

Built around a powerful SEO strategy

If you haven’t heard about the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yet, your website is probably not performing as good as it should be in the digital world. Having a good SEO means that your company is ranking well, preferably as one of the top Google results that pop up on the screen when someone goes online to search for a service you offer.

With so many companies available in the market, offering the exact same things as yours, you can imagine how hard it is to make your business show up as one of the top results. But again: completely not out of your reach! It is all about building your website entirely around a powerful SEO campaign, designed by logistics marketing specialists that will know exactly what to do to get you on the top. Keep reading to see the main strategies that can help your website reach Google’s top results!

Getting your logistics website on Google’s 1st page

Produce quality content

Companies that blog receive 55% more traffic than others.

As this number shows, content is one of the most important Google ranking factors. Producing and posting informative blog content, which has to do with your target audience’s interest is a powerful strategy. It can help you to rank well on different keywords and services you provide. Therefore, by producing quality content you will allow your company to be found through several different searches, increasing traffic considerably.

Be strategic on your content

Some ways of making your content more strategic are using the right keywords, ensuring maximum readability of your content (with H2 /H3 headings and different multimedia), using outbound links and having smart slugs. There are some free tools that can help you do that. Yoast, for example, will help you to know what to improve on your website and know whether the content you are publishing is optimized or not!

Provide good mobile experience

With the constant increase of online searches done via mobile, Google has started to prioritize websites that have an effective mobile version. In fact, according to SearchMetrics, all of the top 100 most visible domains have mobile-friendly solutions. Therefore, mobile optimization is extremely important if you wish to rank well on Google or any search engine. Make sure your website can be effectively accessed by any device!

Other technical factors

There are many other technical factors which might play a big role in your website’s rank. Besides doing all of the above, you should also work on your website domain, layout, and formatting for example. Avoid broken links, make sure your website loads fast and that its layout provides the public with good user experience, with content that is easy to scan and digest. This will encourage your prospects to stay on your site for longer and will make it look good for Google!

Tips to make your logistics website better than competitors 

Take advantage of the conservatism of the logistics market

logistics website_1

The logistics market is still considered very conservative and traditional, especially when it comes to marketing. Most of the professionals in this segment are afraid of innovating and developing new communication tools to improve their contact with the audience.

This happens because those businesses usually have an old-fashioned marketing mentality and don’t really acknowledge the importance of positioning themselves as a modern and competitive company.

Considering that the vast majority of logistics businesses do not have an effective and updated digital marketing campaign, this is something that you should invest on in order to have an outstanding performance in the market.

Therefore, the first tip is to develop a modern page, “thinking outside the box” and innovating it completely from the standard and traditional logistics websites. This will make the public see your business differently, and give them the image that you aren’t outdated with the current trends and offer innovative solutions.

Get to know your audience as well as your competitors

logistics website_2

Another important tip for you to create a website that will stand out from other logistics companies is to keep an eye on your audience but also for the competitors.

By approximating yourself to your target audience and prospects, you will get to know them better and learn some important things from them. You will find out what information they mainly look for and how you can facilitate their searches in your website. This will help you define the right strategy to use on your page, improving the visitor’s experience with your company.

Being updated about your biggest competitors is also very helpful. Even when you want to be different from the standard websites available in the market, it is always a good idea to see what your competitors have been doing, so you can inspire yourself on what you think is good, and improve what you think should be better.

Add value to your business through your logistics website

logistics website_3

Most logistics business usually offer a similar range of services. Therefore, in order to aggregate value to your company and the solutions you provide, you need to show your audience that you have a strong brand identity and know how to highlight your differentials in a positive way.

Think about what makes your company unique from the others in the market. Things like supporting social causes and projects, being a sustainable company, having good customer service, building reliable partnerships worldwide, having developed successful and challenging operations, etc. Once you have listed the differentials of your business, develop a website that is capable of highlighting them.

Creating pages to expose your qualities, such as a portfolio, updated blog, and detailed services page will count many points in your favor!

With all these possibilities, what are you waiting for? Start planning the development of a new site for your logistics company and boost your sales!

LoGo has already applied these features and strategies to the websites of several logistics companies, and the result could not have been any better! The pages developed by LoGo have not only increased 8x the number of visitors but also helped to convert more of them into customers for our clients.

To give you some insights and inspiration, we have selected 5 logistics websites developed by our team. See the characteristics of each one of them and how they help our customers to have a better digital performance!

 5 logistics websites developed by LoGo

GCE Logistics

The company GCE Logistics, our client from Jordan, decided to build a website entirely dedicated to promoting their Importer and Exporter of Records services. With this purpose, LoGo- Logistics Marketing’s team of designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists created a website completely focused on this segment! It is informative, simple to browse, with an intuitive layout that leads the customers directly to take action and request quotes.

Click here to access their website and see it for yourself!

Primo Log

The company Primo Log, from Brazil, hired LoGo – Logistics Marketing to build a new website for them. The freight forwarder wanted a site that was modern, intuitive and coherent to their business’ personality. The result was a powerful, attractive and user-friendly page. With optimized texts and great design, it catches the viewers’ attention and encourages them to engage with the company. Besides, Primo’s new site allows visitors to get quotes and track their cargo directly through there.

Click here to access their website and see it for yourself!

More Logistics

The website we developed for More Logistics, from Argentina, is sophisticated, user-friendly and coherent with the company’s visual identity. The combination of modern design and informative texts reflects well on the user experience, providing visitors with a positive experience when browsing on the site. The user can also learn more about each service offered by More and request a quote directly from there.

Click here to access their website and see it for yourself!

CE Cargo

CE Cargo, from Brazil, wanted to strengthen their online presence by building an impacting website. The company then asked for assistance from LoGo – Logistics Marketing and our team developed a site with a modern and sophisticated layout. The page is attractive and contains all the main information about the company. Besides, it also makes it easy for the public to get in contact with CE Cargo and request quotes directly from there.

Click here to access their website and see it for yourself!


FAST: Freight Air & Sea Transport is a forwarding agent from the United States. They decided to hire LoGo’s website solution because their website was outdated and unattractive. The result was a modern and dynamic website. Apart from causing a good impression to partners, prospects and clients, it also provides all the relevant information about the company and services offered.

Click here to access their website and see it for yourself!

Do you like the results? Don’t miss the chance to turn your website into a powerful business generator as well.

Count on the help of LoGo – Logistics Marketing specialists! 

logistics website

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