LoGo Specials: USL Brochure

Despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives, a brochure still forms an integral part of promoting a logistics company. In fact, from all the other offline marketing materials available, brochures are seen as the most popular in the logistics segment.

There are many reasons why to invest in the development of brochures. If you build a high-quality one, which is visually captivating, modern and has all of your company’s main information featured in it, you will be on the right path of successfully promoting your business.

This was USL’s intention when they hired LoGo- Logistics Marketing to develop their institutional brochure. Our client from Haiti wanted a material that could transmit their company’s values, purposes and explain about their services to prospects, clients and partners.


LoGo’s project for USL Brochure

With USL’s objectives in mind, LoGo’s team of marketing specialists, designers and copywriters created a stunning material! The brochure’s design was, at the same time, modern and entirely built according to the company’s visual identity. Its content summarized USL’s main information, such as the services they provide, their history and differentials. All of that disposed in a dynamic way, which makes it easy to read and understand!

Take a look at the result!




The USL Group was extremely happy with the outcome of the project! The new material helped them to promote the company during events, business meetings and even at the office.

Would you like to promote your company through an exclusive brochure as well? At LoGo, our team has deep expertise in developing marketing solutions for businesses in the logistics segment. Talk to one of our specialists to better understand how we can help you to promote your company or visit our website for more information!

Ana Clara Rodrigues

Graduated in Journalism and very passionate about writing, Ana Rodrigues has strong expertise in creating relevant content for the international logistics industry and many other areas. As part of her professional trajectory, she has worked with news writing in both Brazil and the United States, until she decided to follow the digital marketing path and started to work as a copywriter. For almost 3 years, Ana has been helping logistics companies worldwide to stand out in the market through the production of specialized content on a number of different platforms.

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