LoGo Specials: USL’s printed ad

A printed ad is a great form of advertising for a logistics business. They can be published on different types of communication platforms, such as newspapers, magazines and booklets. And if you are able to create an attractive and informative material, the ad will catch your public’s attention and encourage them to learn more about your company.

So, for this week’s specials, we will show you the printed ad that we created for the company USL, our client from Haiti. The freight forwarding business wanted an impacting full-page institutional ad to publish in a logistics magazine.


Our project for USL’s printed ad

Having all that USL asked in mind, LoGo’s team has developed a modern and sophisticated ad. Besides, the ad also counts with a photo that illustrates well one of the company’s main services, as well as a smart and catchy headline. Therefore, it is, at the same time, informative and visually appealing.

Our team highlighted USL’s main differentials on the top of the ad and also listed all of the services provided by the company, in the two segments they work on (logistics and carrier). The color choice consisted on yellow and black, their brand’s main colors. Also, the whole ad is aligned with the company’s visual identity, making it coherent with their personality.

Check out the result below!

printed ad

What did you think? USL’s representatives were very satisfied with the result!

Printed ads are just one example of the many solutions that LoGo – Logistics Marketing offers to your logistics business! Stay tuned for more editions of our specials!

printed ad

Ana Clara Rodrigues

Graduated in Journalism and very passionate about writing, Ana Rodrigues has strong expertise in creating relevant content for the international logistics industry and many other areas. As part of her professional trajectory, she has worked with news writing in both Brazil and the United States, until she decided to follow the digital marketing path and started to work as a copywriter. For almost 3 years, Ana has been helping logistics companies worldwide to stand out in the market through the production of specialized content on a number of different platforms.

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