4 best marketing tools for small business

Starting a business is not an easy task. The overcrowded market and all the successful companies already operating in your segment can be a big concern, not to mention the number of skills you need to master in order to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, there are some simple tools that can help your small business to achieve its goal of succeeding and having a good performance. In today’s post, we will talk specifically about marketing tools for small business.

Marketing tools not only help in your company’s organization but also allow you to have better control of all your internal processes. Therefore, when used in the right way, these tools will enable you to increase operational efficiency and have more time to dedicate to other demands. So keep reading this article and write down our suggested tools!


Best marketing tools for small business 


1- Canva


Canva is an editing tool that is much simpler to use when compared to the other existing ones. In case you don’t master programs like photoshop or illustrator, this tool can be a great way for you to produce attractive content.

Through Canva, it is also possible to edit images using pre-defined filters or customize them through items such as brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process and vignette. But attention! Remember to put the copyrights in the images that you used if you want to circulate the content created on the internet.

The program is online, so you can create an account and use in their website.



2- HootSuite


HootSuite is a dashboard that manages your accounts on different social networks. Through this tool, you can optimize your time and performance when using any of the networks to which it is associated.

Additionally, HootSuite shows the engagement results achieved in each social network and helps you interpret them for the best use of your company. It shows, for example, ways to use networks to achieve your goals and interesting tricks you can implement into your accounts.

You can download the program through their website. In its free version, it allows you to add 5 Social Profiles, Free Quick Reports, Scheduling, and 2 RSS (Rich Site Summary). For more features, you need to sign up for the paid version.



3- Yoast


One of the best marketing tools for small business is the SEO plug-in Yoast. From this plugin, it is possible to optimize content and be informed about some improvement points that, if corrected, can help to boost your company’s online performance. Said another way, Yoast will simulate Google algorithms and evaluate various on-page issues that can influence your website’s organic ranking.

For this reason, Yoast is a great tool for you to generate good leads and improve your website’s traffic. You can download it through their website, in the free or premium version.



4- Keyword tool


Keywords are one of the most important criteria used by Google to define each website’s ranking. They can be defined as the most common terms used among people when searching for a topic related to your business on Google and, therefore, must be the primary elements to guide your content production.

That’s where Keywordtool comes in. Through this tool, you can analyze the best keywords for your business to focus on and filter some information about it. By using this tool along with Yoast, your blog has great chances to stand out in Google search and generate good leads.

To use the tool, you can access this site. Remember to also create an account so that you can effectively manage your results.



Ready to use these marketing tools for small business?


Now that you know more about the best marketing tools for small business and the advantages offered by each one of them, how about learning a little more about inbound marketing? This way, you can combine the tools with an inbound strategy that will make your company even stronger!

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