Mobile apps become popular in the logistics industry

Businesses have been continuously adapting in order to keep up with the technology trends and demands of modern society. We can also see this happening in the logistics industry. Aiming to stay ahead of the competition, freight forwarders and any other kind of company that works with supply chain management are being required to align their business with the latest mobility devices and applications.

Mobile apps have been often used by logistics companies, who are starting to rely on their assistance as part of their working routine. There are many apps already available for smartphones, which were built to execute not only tracking but many other logistics functions.


LoGo- Log Tech - General Mkt (Jan-Sem3)_Post 1You might be wondering: how will you benefit from developing an app for your logistics company or using one that is already out there?

Logistics apps intend to improve the whole performance of your business, making your supply chain activities more cost-effective as they integrate every stage of the process. The use of apps allow logisticians to execute different activities, such as storing valuable data; keeping track of accounting and billing; easily tracking transportation at every point and sending real-time automatic notifications to every employee involved in the process. These are just some examples of how to optimize your business’ operations and improve profitability by using mobile apps!

Below you can see some popular logistics apps available to download:

logistics app 1



Free app designed to Android devices that tracks drivers, vehicles, shipments, and clients in this all-in-one app among the supply chain mobile applications.


logistics app 2


TomTom WebFleet

An online application that enables you to manage your fleet 24 hours a day, tracking operations and mobile workforce.


logistics app 3



Supply chain mobile application that extends barcode scanning to the tech well-informed inventory manager on the go.


logistics app 4



Cloud-based inventory optimization tool that systematically reduces excess and obsolete stock levels (bad inventory) from your warehouse locations.


logistics app 5



Evernote is not specifically designed for the logistics field, however, this app is one of the best tools for organizing important files, images, and documents, being popular among supply chain apps.


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Thais Faria

Advertiser, with an MBA in Marketing by FGV, Thais Faria has a decade of experience in marketing. She worked in segments such as civil construction and market research until she found the challenge of delivering quality marketing and generating real results for logistics companies. Together with her two partners, she founded LoGo - Logistics Marketing in 2015, the first marketing agency specializing in the logistics market, and since then, over 800 projects have been delivered to customers in more than 45 different countries. Today, Thais follows the lead of the service and production team of LoGo, guaranteeing the quality of delivery to each of her customers and keeping LoGo always ahead the market trends.

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