Printed brochure: why does my logistics business need one?


Logistics Brochure


Brochures consist of a traditional printed marketing material and, despite the growing popularity of online marketing strategies, they are still seen as a powerful way to promote your logistics company and get your message out there.

With the increasing use of technology to advertise your logistics business, you might have thought that the old-fashioned techniques of marketing, like stationery, weren’t so effective anymore and you’d be better of concentrating all your investments on things like website, social media and email marketing.


However, a well-designed brochure is not only able to captivate your audience by its visual effects, it also has loads of important and useful information about your logistics organization, which will encourage your prospects to engage with your logistics business and be interested in learning more about your solutions.

This Sales Support Season‘s post intends to show you the reasons why printed brochures have resisted over time and the advance of technology as of today, it is still an effective way of marketing promotion. What are the advantages of using a brochure to advertise your logistics business in today’s digital age? Here are some of them:


Logistics Brochure - VersatileBrochures can be very versatile

This kind of promotional material is multi-purposed. In other words, unlike other materials, you can use a brochure in many different situations. Whether you want to distribute them at a logistics event or fair, mail them on the post or leave it on your office’s desk, printed brochures will successfully attend to all of these purposes and be a versatile way of advertising your business in different contexts.


Logistics Brochure - Informative

They are compact and informative

Brochures can cover a large amount of information in a small amount of space. They are known for being both compacts in shape and messaging, being able to offer a lot of information for their size. Most logistics brochures, if designed the right way, are able to accomplish diverse purposes, such as introducing the company, the logistics services offered, benefits and differentials, as well as contact information – essentially a condensed version of what a website does.


Logistics Brochure - Target

Easy to distribute to your target audience

Because they are compact, brochures are very easy materials to take on logistics conferences and other events, they are light, don’t take much space, and have powerful content. When compared to materials like banners or other kinds of ads, printed brochures are easier to handle and to distribute to your target audience.


.Logistics Brochure - Cost-efective

Cost-effective promotion material

Especially if you order brochures in bulk, you can get a large number of them for a reasonable price. This is just one more reason why you should invest in brochures as one of your logistics company’s marketing material: they are cheap and you can use them on many different occasions over time, all you need to do is print more or update something before.


.Logistics Brochure - Attractive

Capture the viewer’s attention

Another advantage of using logistics brochures is that unlike banner ads or billboards, for example, they don’t need to compete for the viewer’s attention – they will capture their total and undivided focus. If they have a good design, as well as objective and useful information, they turn out to be a tangible way to receive attention. After a long work day using a computer at work, your prospects are most likely to pay attention to a printed brochure than to any online advertisement, and this is why it is important for your logistics business to have a strong online and offline presence.


There are many reasons why printed brochures are a great way of promoting your logistics business. If you have another question about the advantages this kind of material, contact our team! As a company with deep experience in marketing for logisticians, we will be happy to give you some professional advice on the subject!

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Thais Faria

Advertiser, with an MBA in Marketing by FGV, Thais Faria has a decade of experience in marketing. She worked in segments such as civil construction and market research until she found the challenge of delivering quality marketing and generating real results for logistics companies. Together with her two partners, she founded LoGo - Logistics Marketing in 2015, the first marketing agency specializing in the logistics market, and since then, over 800 projects have been delivered to customers in more than 45 different countries. Today, Thais follows the lead of the service and production team of LoGo, guaranteeing the quality of delivery to each of her customers and keeping LoGo always ahead the market trends.

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