4 evidences that renewing your logistics brand can affect your sales

Investing in marketing is, in many logistics professionals’ opinion, something that won’t bring their company any return in sales generation. From their perspective, offering high-quality solutions and effective customer service is all they need in order to establish their logistics brand in the market.

However, having a modern and up-to-date logistics brand can make all the difference in customer prospection. An old-fashioned brand identity, which has its concept outdated and isn’t coherent to your company’s current scenario, will most likely keep prospects away, instead of attracting them. This is why renewing your brand and making it powerful and appealing is so important.

First of all, if you are not sure about the concept of brand identity, check out this previous post to better understand it! Now, if you are not sure about how renewing your brand can positively impact your logistics sales, this post is for you! Below, we have listed some evidence that proves how effective marketing can be to increase your business generation.


How renewing your logistics brand will boost your sales

Logistics BrandIt strengthens your reputation

45% of the image that the public has about your brand can be attributed to its visual identity.

Considering this statistic, if you have a powerful logistics brand identity, chances are you will also have a better reputation in the market. This means that your brand will impress prospects at first sight. In conclusion, with a good brand identity, you will be encouraging them to engage with your company and later on become customers!


Logistics BrandIt will be assertive to the right audience

Your brand identity needs to be coherent with your target audience’s profile and personality. For example, if your public values tradition over trends, so should your brand. This will help your company attract the right people to your business, the ones that are most likely to hire your services and become loyal customers.


Logistics BrandIt will create brand awareness

70% of customers said authenticity is the most influential factor in their decision to engage with a brand.

Therefore, if you are able to build a remarkable brand, it will be memorable to your customers when they come across it. Every time they see anything that represents your business, they will already know it is from your company. And every time they need a service you provide, your brand will be the first one they think about.


Logistics BrandDevelop customer bond

Your visual identity can do even more after convincing a prospect to hire your services. It can encourage them to be loyal to your brand and create a bond with it. Researchers show that companies with a powerful identity and marketing strategy are more likely to develop long-term relationships with their customers. This will make your public keep coming back for more, which will constantly increase your sales in logistics!


Successful brand identity cases by LoGo

To sum up, check out some cases developed by our team, which positively impacted our client’s company image in the market and helped to boost their logistics sales!


Identity creation – Connection Cargo

Logistics BrandLogistics Brand


“We want to thank you for the excellent work you did with our logo and materials. Our customers and suppliers have given us great feedback and our brand has been extremely well received in the market. Our development is being faster than we expected, we couldn’t  help but share with you, our satisfaction.”

Marcelo Pinheiro – Managing Director at Connection Cargo.



Identity transformation – Royaline

Logistics Brand


“We sincerely thank LoGo for the professional services.The design of our logo, website, brochure and presentation are highly recognized by our company and our customers.”

Jeffrey Song – Deputy General Manager at Royaline


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Logistics Brand



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