How to define a target market for logistics company

target market for logistics company

Every company needs to know their public, their necessities, pains, and wishes. In the logistics business, it wouldn’t be different. But how to do this? Today, we are going to help you with that by letting you know how you can define a target market for logistics companies by creating a persona.

When you know that, all your marketing language, media, and strategies will be made thinking about this kind of person. This way, your communication will be much better! So, get ready to increase your sales and your client’s satisfaction! 

Target for logistics company: Building a persona

First of all, let’s understand what persona means. Persona is a fictional character that represents people that form your audience. After all, it is much easier to think about a person like you than use abstracts definitions, right?

With that in mind, it is time to learn how to build your(s) persona(s). Let’s do it!

Think about the background

Analise and define every specific characteristic of your persona. Is it a woman or a man? How old is he/she? What is her/his profession? Where did he/she graduate?

And remember: if you have a lot of products and services and every one of them has a specific target, you can create more than one persona with different gender, ages, and professions.

Suit your language

When you think about your client’s age, gender and profession you will already have an idea of how to communicate with them. People in the logistics sector tend to be more serious and traditional because this is a long-stablished market.

Therefore, you need to use language that speaks to this audience, as opposed to using the same communication from a beer company, for example.

Find your persona pains

Find what motivates and frustrates your persona. Once this step is done, it will help you know what you can do to win their hearts and loyalty.

If you are talking about freight forwarders business, for example, you must search wich problems they face in ports or with the choice of modals. So, by fiding their pains, you can offer solutions and turn your business more helpful and friendly to your customers.

Personal characteristics

Finally, you must think about the persona’s tastes and values. This will help you to build an emotional relationship with your target and bring you closer to them.

For example, if you realize that trust is the number one value for your persona, then you can create an advertising campaign talking about how finding loyal partners is important to guarantee good services.

Talking now about their personal tastes, if your character likes institutional accessories you can give some gifs like mousepads, pen drives or pens. Use your creativity and your company will be remembered as an institution who cares about its clients!

Target market for logistics company: use the right strategy

Creating your persona is one of the most important things and it must be done right at the beginning. But the process doesn’t stop there. After understanding more about who you are talking to, you should also know how to transmit your message and adapt your communication strategy to this target.

For this reason, counting on a company that knows your market can be a big help! So, talk to us! LoGo brings together the marketing expertise with all the knowledge about logistics.

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